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Alright well my brother just finished his photography class, and he showed me some pictures. Some of which was at Sutro Bath Ruins.
It looks some what cool, and lets see if we can get some people to scope it out.
here's a link

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The Sutro Baths ruins are very cool. My dad always took us there when we were little kids, and climbing around on those things was probably how I fell in love with the moving around my environment. Proto-parkour when I was 6 years old, basically. :)
...yeah, we were talking about Sutro baths (and Sutro gardens) the other Sunday, when they kicked us out of GWHS.
It wouldn't be too long of a walk -and a short drive- from GWHS, then one could roll down to the Ocean Beach seawall...
They place is often very wet, but still interesting:

yeah! the sutro baths area is great for running around/jumping/precisions, and quite historically haunted too :) when we have our sit-down debriefs, i can tell some stories :)
Awesome, I'd love to hear 'em. =)
I dont mean to burst your bubble, but the building burned and blew up while being demolished and nobody died...SO...How can it be haunted? I wrote a paper on them, so my knowledge is 98% correct. oh yeah plus 2% for something.
yeah, i don't have a timeline to place any of the stories. probably just urban legends-- nothing to necessarily to believe in. lot of variations of stories about surrounding areas like the tunnel that 'lies directly to the right of the old sunken building. it's been said that many people have been sacrificed at the end of this tunnel, and if you go at night fall and light a candle at the end of the tunnel someone will come and pick it up and throw it into the water that rushes up just beyond the rocks.'
this is also a great potential spot for having a bbq afterwards (maybe not real bbq) at the fire pits on ocean beach.
Another plus is that the ocean beach sea wall is just down the street and the Sutro Heights park fort is just up the hill.
Checked them swiftly after this Sunday training, and found them dramatic and spectacular, yet that's pretty much all the parkour we did... =)

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