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Train Hard - Stay Humble

This movie has been made because of a feeling I got when I thought about everything I've been thru.. about what i've done after what happened and about what I'm doing right now... it's not a movie where you're gonna see some kickass moves, incredible flow or stuff like that.. I'm not some uniqly skilled person.. But I'm proud of what I achieved after what happened to me and as for me every single move I can do is a big success.. If you want to think of it as a parkour movie then you should not watch it.. you should "feel" it and "think about what you see"... other way it's just some mixed moves from everything that's inside me..

00:00:00: No matter where you train...
00:00:07: No matter what you wear...
00:00:18: it's all unimportant...
00:00:22: till you fight..
00:00:26: everything else is matterless
00:00:36: So FIGHT ! | mystory by Arvind Juneja |
00:01:11: it's not always as we wish...
00:01:13: but if it was...
00:01:15: would it be so joyfull to succed ?
00:02:03: I always wanted to do a backflip...
00:02:18: everyone will get his own 5 minutes..
00:02:23: if he only waits...
00:02:26: i waited..
00:02:52: insecurity...
00:03:07: they told me... i won't be able to jump anymore...
00:03:14: i didn't want to belive them...
00:03:19: and i didn't...
00:03:33: then i learned how to walk...
00:03:45: now.. i learn how to fly...
00:04:31: i thought a lot about how to end this movie...
00:04:34: i realised that i can't end something | what is still in progress..
00:04:38: Thank you for spending Your time with me...
00:04:40: with regards| Arvind Juneja

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Comment by SafeNSure on January 27, 2009 at 10:25pm
...maybe we are all uniquely skilled persons.
And for sure everybody should think that every single move(ment) we can do it's a great success...

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