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July 5

Hell of a session today :] Greg and Nozz (guy Nozz, original Nozz) both came out, the latter I'd only met that morning on an errand, and they both pumped the session in different ways. Greg is always high-energy, and like I guessed, he wanted to do runs, so we ran from south campus to north campus - completely enlightening. I was shocked at how quickly my body tired and wanted to run around everything as opposed to vaulting or jumping or climbing. And how sloppy everyone's technique got. "Holy crap," I exclaimed to Greg, "We gotta do this waaaaaaay more often, we'd never get away in a chase!" Greg just smiled as he breathed hard, with a voiceless, "ch, yeah." I realized I'd not been doing real parkour. Real parkour kicks your ass in a minute. I'd been imitating parkour. Imitating parkour's shadow. Once again the discipline humbled me deeply, and awoke me with a drive that I needed to work more, more, more.
I'm officially in love with conditioning.

Nozz was injured but still inspiring with his energy and strength. He's enrolled in the army and set to ship out later this year, best of luck to him and his squad. He showed us a technique soldiers are supposed to use to walk, very defensive, and entertaining to watch people try to learn. It turned out to be a good conditioning exercise for the legs.

Cliff and Taylor again worked us hard. I was surprised at the amount my body was ready to give to me since I'd still been pretty sore from the conditioning Thursday. Once I got warmed up it almost all went away, and for the most part I wasn't affected. It's just when I took a break I'd feel extra tired, but that was simple enough to buck off. "Are you ready?" Cliff would ask, and I'd say I was and just do whatever the next exercise was. It's genuinely fun to experience my body's ability to do more than it's ever been able to do in my life. The fact I can honestly say that is exciting, and the feeling that I'm absolutely determined to grow in every single way makes the sheer pleasure of it burn further. I conditioned nearly every other day this week. This has been a fantastic week.

A few things I did today of note to me:
I got a tictac to cat on the covered staircase I'd never ever gotten before. It was mostly thanks to Greg who would yell at me constantly, "Don't think about it just go!" It was his catch phase of the day for me, and I needed his frequent reminding. Yeah King and Cliff tell me the same thing, but somehow Greg was nicer about it :P Whatever, I'm going to remember to take it to heart now, because I watched it work for me so many times today. My confidence in my abilities is definitely growing.

Bah there's more but I'm really REALLY tired and I'll have to add stuff tomorrow when I think of it. One fun thing of note was when Greg found this office swivel chair out in the Ackerman courtyard and we gave each other rides on it, sprinting with the chair and then pushing it so it would spin out. Greg ended one of his own rides by going down some stairs. Spectacular crash. A wheel flew off and when he walked back up he had to shake the chair off his leg, lol.

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Comment by orem on July 6, 2008 at 10:49pm
Sure, I'd love to share the conditioning techniques I've learned. I've also been hoping that since Chris started MMA he'd have some killer routines to share as well ;)
Comment by SafeNSure on July 6, 2008 at 8:29am
Loved it all (aside the chair, lol)...

Are you available to run the warm-ups at the beginners sessions next Fall?

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