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June 28

I dunno if it was something in the air, or because Neither King nor Cliff were present to crack a whip, but this session was really really ...relaxed :P We didn't move away from the starting spot until closer to 2:30 if memory serves; it was cool though because it felt very thorough. And now it feels odd writing this as I think about the sessions at GWHS where we spend ALL our time at one place :P granted those sessions are usually 3 hours whereas UCLA usually goes for at least 5-6 hours, but still. I'd say at UCLA our average time at one place is 30-45 minutes. Tayzon and Rick split off and went ahead, and we didn't end up seeing them again until the sculpture gardens a few hours later.

We ran into the LA Meetup group (downtown pk group) which was kinda weird because it feels like there's an odd schism between our group and theirs. I'm not entirely sure why we don't train together, but I've gotten the impression we've different methods/views of training, so oh well. Sometimes people from their group train with us and vice versa, but for the most part we stick to our different schedules. Nevertheless, good we're all getting exercise.

We found a great ledge crawl that was challenging at first to get facing the wall, and is crazy great challenging with your back to the wall. Most everyone is at the stage of trying to master their back to the wall, and it's nice because it's only half a foot off the ground ;) So it's always sheer frustration falling, not fear or injury. I've noticed my fingertips have gotten much stronger. It takes a lot more work to make them go stiff and numb; I rarely get it anymore, which only means I've got far more to push myself :)

At the end of the day only Rick, Brian, Taylor, and I were left, and since the LA film festival was going on we decided to go watch Wall•e in one of the smaller theaters. Another Pixar masterpiece I must say, hilarious and touching. The whole theater was laughing, cooing with pity, or applauding, and there were no children there ;]

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Comment by SafeNSure on July 2, 2008 at 3:31pm
GWHS sessions have changed a bit from this winter, probably due to a different ratio of absolute beginners/initiated practitioners, now in favor of the second, and some support that Kaos got from the one that have already progressed a bit.
Also, the positive experience of having had some itinerant trainings (Japantown/USF placing the mark, IMO), made us naturally discover new "aspects" of GWHS.
Not last: construction works at the school, which cleaned up some areas, also changed the rails (more flimsy, 5" lower) at the original spot of the location (in surfing terms it would be called "the spot original break point"... not so suitable term for PK... lol!), giving us an incentive to look for fresh turf.

We are going to try something similar to what you guys do at USF/St.Mary this week...

...and ref. motion picture, "aren't we all children?", that's why I've always felt that movies win hands down vs. any 40+ inches home screen: the darkness, and relative anonymity allow everyone to be him/herself again, excited, scared, anxious and, well, childish if you need to.

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