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July 24

Thursday. Gym day. It'd been a few weeks, and I missed dropping by. Cliff said tonight would be a short, intense workout, and I was looking forward to it since I hadn't gotten sore at all from last night's session, so I figured I'd be good to go.

I got there just as the class was cooling down, and afterwards one of the guys from the class (Jason? Jordan?) wanted to do the workout too. So then Cliff pulls out an actual list....

Five burpies to warm up. Then burpies landing with both your legs swung to one side or another, five on each side. Then burpies with a frog leap thrown in and an additional push up. It just kept building on all different types of burpies. Eventually Cliff had us move on and do sprints to different blocks and back to start each time, like a modified suicide run. That one killed me the second time through because before and after the sprints we were to hold the plank position. No rest time. I had to take several minutes before I could conceive the stamina to do the duck walks between the blocks. Mercifully Cliff and King cut me short after two of them. By that time Jason/Jordan had tapped out; he was beat by the class before and his work schedule. Fair enough. But as Cliff reminded me, I'd agreed to an intense work out; I had no release form.

Next was balance exercise. I was surprised at the degree my body flipped out when I closed my eyes. I knew it would make balance more difficult, but all of a sudden I couldn't walk a straight line to save my life (heel to toe, heel to toe.. I mean a really straight line). I could follow the seam of the carpet which helped, but it was like being on the edge of the world.....which I was on, technically. The surface :D Okay anyway, I got clear balance issues I need to correct. All the exercises I did I can do on my own, so now I got homework.

They had me do some other regular conditioning exercises; stretched crawling sideways, stretched crawling sideways with hands doing grapevine, muscle ups, pull ups, swinging cats (jumping and catching myself along the side of a wall)... And then King worked my abs. THEN I felt the evidence of last night's training. My stomach was just so dead; not sore, simply lacked energy. 20 crunches, then flutter kicks, then scissor kicks, then lifting my legs straight and touching opposite hand to opposite foot, then opposite elbow to opposite knee... and I wasn't supposed to let my legs down during any of it. I did of course cause I was dying, but not for long as King yelled at me not to rest them. "Alright, now do 20 crunches at your own pace," King instructed to finish it up. 'At my own pace,' I scoffed. Crunches were cake, I'd knock them out like that.

Right, as you might have guessed, crunches are not cake after last night and this night. Humbled again, I pushed through the twenty and my thoughts turned to the rubber ball on the other side of the gym. 'Yes, just finish this set and you can go play with that,' I promised myself. Exhausted but eager, I brought myself to a stand and made to go jog towards the ball- "Cool down stretch," King instructed. "Ah-" I responded and glanced towards the ball.

I stretched.
"Don't forget to stretch your arms." "Yeah I got it..." One thing about the arms is I actually feel like I have muscle to stretch in there now. They used to be useless broken sticks when it came to exercise, now there's something to them :] A little something, but something.

'Ball!' I lobbed it toward the other side of the gym for myself. I was tired as hell, but simple excitement and enthusiasm in the chase had me happily burning any energy I had left to give. Wasn't long before Cliff asked to throw it to show Ace - Oh yeah, I finally met Ace today. Like all the pkcali family regulars, he was super chill and fun to hang out with. Even threw the ball for me several times :P Fuckin A I was dead though. My runs after the thing were pathetic, nowhere near a sprint, so often the ball had almost stopped by the time I reached it. "Hold the bridge position!" "What??" I stared at King. I was appalled. This was play time, you don't... you don't mix work into it. But I could see he wasn't gonna throw the ball unless I held bridge position to wait for it, so begrudgingly I dropped to the floor. "Butt down, turn around so you can see when I throw the ball," he pointed. 'Rawrwarawr..' I muttered in my head and turned. Waited. Waited. Waited. BallPushGO! The position was actually pretty cool in the way I got to push off with my feet AND hands to jettison myself forward into the run. That was about it though. It was kind of humiliating the way I had to drop on the floor to wait for the throw. 'Some obedient mutt I am,' I grumbled.

Fantastic game though, I only wish I'd had more energy for it. There were several different rounds, I was delighted they wanted to keep playing for so long. We hung out in the gym for a while, a bit past 2 am. My body's still very tired as I write this, and I'm wondering if I'll be sore tomorrow because in comparison to other sessions, I still didn't work very long. Just ran a bunch. I drove home with my T top open and Equilibrium's 16 minute instrumental - a vikingmetal symphony if you will - blasting out of my car doors. I tell you, there's nothing like eating up the miles at 2 in the morning, 80 mph with the cold night air whipping around the inside of your car and the stars and half moon there to glance up at above your naked head, percussion and string and flute and horns and guitar setting the soundtrack of the late night flight, one that reaffirms the love of living. Fun night, tonight.

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Comment by orem on July 26, 2008 at 2:30am
in case you guys wanna try the different sorts of burpies:

we also did
uneven burpies - one hand would go onto a surface half a foot higher when doing the push up (work your left and right side)
squat/crunch burpies - you'll need a block about seat height for this. lower yourself into a squat, fall backwards onto your back on the block, do a crunch to sit back up, fall into the push up, then stand back up and repeat
bronco burpies - instead of a push up you go on your hands and kick both feet up
kong burpies - do a regular burpy then kong on top of a block and fall into a push up up there, then jump back off the block to repeat
burpies swinging both legs to one side to press the feet up on the side of a block (work your left and right side)

that's all i can remember right now. I highly recommend doing these exercises to work your upper body. Today specifically my arms, shoulders, and lower back were quite sore.
Comment by SafeNSure on July 25, 2008 at 8:47pm
Comment by SafeNSure on July 25, 2008 at 8:47pm
...just to recap:

five burpies warm up
burpies landing with both legs swung to one side, 5x2
burpies with a frog leap thrown in and an additional push up
different types of burpies
sprints to different blocks and back to start each time, modified suicide run
hold the plank position, no rest time
duck walks between the blocks

balance exercise
closed eyes

stretched crawling sideways
stretched crawling sideways with hands doing grapevine
muscle ups
pull ups
swinging cats (jumping and catching myself along the side of a wall)

20 crunches
flutter kicks
scissor kicks
lifting legs straight and touching opposite hand to opposite foot
then opposite elbow to opposite knee, not letting legs down
20 crunches

cool down stretch

ball play w/”handicap”

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