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PKUnited brings Parkour to Uganda - Please help! (now tax deductible)

Hey guys,

I've never turned to you for any sort of money before or to solicit anything. I turn to you now for some help toward a cause that needs it.

Some members of PKCali (Cliff Kravit, Jordan Warrick, Kerris Seward, and Adam Ticknor), in collaboration with the non-profit organization "Not Man Apart" have partnered with Caleb's Hope to launch the PK UNITED program.

PK United works with children across the globe who are deemed 'high risk' and dealing with many obstacles in their young lives. This program will launch in Northern Uganda, an area where the children and youth have been deeply impacted by conflict with rebels in the region and the target of a massacre in 1995


Siblings often raising each other as parents have been killed - Kids hanging out in the vast open land - No running water. Supply is rationed

  • To help alleviate and cure symptoms of PTSD in persons living in Atiak Sub-County region through physical and arts based therapies.
  • To help women and girls who are victims of gender-based violence and to teach both males and females in the community the importance of ending gender-based violence.
  • Provide education and awareness of both mental and physical health and wellness: to help the community to see the direct link between mental and physical health.
  • Work with locals to develop school recreational and physical education programs.

Since the PKCali team are volunteers, we have to pay for all our own costs and are asking for donations to help us take part in this great opportunity to help the less fortunate.

We will need to cover the following expenses for 4 members and make a donation to the local community. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. We were given this opportunity with very short notice and are asking for your help to make it happen quickly. We leave on November 29th for a two week trip.

Team expenses:
Flight (LA to Uganda ~ $1700/person)
In country costs (lodging, meals, transportation $670/person)
Immunizations (~$500/person)
Passports (~$150/person)

Visas ($50/person)


*Contributions can be made online at, but to help save costs on online donation, checks are preferred.

*Checks can be made:

payable to: "Not Man Apart"

memo/for: "PK United"

.*Checks can be mailed to:
PK United
P.O. Box 64517
Los Angeles, CA 90064

.*PK United will also take cash

working with locals build new homes - One of the old mud-hut houses that breaks down quickly - One of the new design mud-hut houses that will last at least 10 years

While in Uganda, we will run Parkour workshops which will not only help them heal, but Parkour's altruistic philosophies give them the discipline to overcome any obstacle, keeping thems safe, and believing in their abilities as individuals and a community to be great.

Please share this information with anyone you think might be able to help.

PK United Webage : Facebook Page: Twitter Page

And if anyone has questions, ideas for fundraising, or wants to help, please email us at:

Farming sustainable crops for food and exports - Workshop building confidence and community - Lifetime friendships formed

Like PK United on Facebook
Follow on Twitter @TheRealPKUnited

Again, if anyone has questions, ideas for fundraising, or wants to help, please email
Thank you!

PK UnitedNot Man Apart

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Updated the info here to provide more detail. Hope to get more people donating.

Thanks in advance!


We've completed the paperwork for our collaboration with the non-profit organization, "Not Man Apart" so we can now accept tax-deductible donations.

Now, all donations can be written off on your taxes. YAY!

So please pass on the word. If any more of you are willing to donate, or perhaps the company you (or your parents) work for is willing to donate so they can get the tax write-off, please pass on the information or put me in touch with them.




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