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Due to the numbers of spammers signing up lately, and their aggressive spamming behavior with PMs and posts, BApk will momentarily approve new members before they can join.


If you invited a friend or you know of somebody wanting to join, please let them know to reply the sign-up questions so that we can understand that they are real humans interested in Parkour, and not spammers.


Thanks for your help and understanding!

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24hours update: system seems to be working.

In the first day of filtering we had 2 new members requests, one legitimate and one spamming "bot" or individual.
Daily update: 2 new members (PandaZhu and Amar Mirza) and two spammers...

Please see how a typical spammer sign up looks like:

RealLife First Name: (if differing from screenname, otherwise put "same")
t zkoa
Time Training:
Brand New
How did you find us?
I've always known you, Friend's referral/invitation, Search engine, "I saw people jumping off crazy s#@t!", "I asked the cops...", "...dude! We talked for at least 10 minutes today!?!", PKNA link, PKCali link, SFPK link, NEPK link, PK Generation link, local gym trainee, Ning, Facebook, live presentation/demo/festival, TV show (G4/MTV/etc.)
Can you support the group with transportation? # of seats?
oxhmloawimlq7v9fnh6 jxo2v0x fc7i7d02ka2w
About Me:
2z ljaj7psj 0iv7vjxtfyalam2u9gt8v19yybhy
Other Physical Disciplines:
ig735wuvakztuiu2e9l854fa7osg0kb l1sklcx9
Daily update: a new member and two spammers.

Typical spammer name/email:
- Name: samuelbosworth4362

- Name: jenniferfane1526

...btw, you gotta love "BOTS":
Other Physical Disciplines:
v91xlx9n4t qa2h99suqal85 ockz3 pv0c 767

Do you plan on SPAMMING this community?
"you BETCHA!"


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