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Im Representing the BayArea in video contest!!!

hey everybody, all my friends here at BAPK, my video submission for the "practical parkour" contest is UP AND RUNNING! apparently im the only one in the contest from BAparkour, so please show BENNY some love and go watch me video!!! 3 days of effort went into in and it is quite AWESOME i might say so myself, please go watch and help me spread my video to all those you know, please, HELP me get most views so i can win some APK prizes!!!

im un-officially representing in this video!!

w00t! heres the link! Watch in HQ please!!

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wow! nice editing!
its also good to know you paid for the ticket! PK reputation bonus lol.
lol yeah i've learned from experience that not paying for BART leads to a very hard time sneaking bak out LMFAO kidding!
Might be the first time I don't see Benny upside-down!!!

J/k... good job.
So, how does it work? Who gets more view by a certain date wins?

If so, then watch out: they have a thread called "Please Watch My Contest Video", which is a bit of a trick, if one goes there it's very likely that he/she will watch the video linked there (booo!), w/o even knowing who is it.
Might want to add yours...
yeah thx, who ever gets the most views by 4/17/09 gets first prize. where is this thred ur talking about? and who is "they" ?
Btw, I was the one that commented "Probably best one" - You should win In my opinion... some people sent in some pretty impractical useless videos lol
Also to add, it's kinda dumb to base a contest on most viewed : / It should at least be most viewed with best rating lol... The most viewed could be the least practical haha w/e
haha thx! a bunch! lol yeah that would make more sense, but then you really cant expect most youtube viewers to rate appropriately lol. i know cause i always do wither 5 stars or 0 stars for suxy ones.
I really like you video!
BTW: Was this in West Oakland?
Your video is one of the best, I checked out a lot of them. Yours is definitely one of the better ones.


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