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Hi guys,

Joe here. I'm out in Fort Lauderdale for grad school, and found a training gym close to my campus. I'm gonna check out a formal class tonight and report back anything interesting. Hope all is well out there. Train hard. Stay humble.


Joe Calvo

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Most awesome person every day.
Go represent!

These guys are ridiculous. They do kids' bday parties dressed up as Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine, Ninja Turtles, etc. doing flips off roofs and over kids. Good money on a couple hours work btw.

The instructor is a stuntman that holds the Guinness record for farthest front flip or some shit like that. He moved my hand position 6 inches and totally cleaned up my rolls. He's biomechanically solid.

I'm going to work with them out here more and bring back whatever I learn. I might start teaching or assisting teach the beginner course in the gym, since the instructor is opening a parkour specific gym instead of the gymnastics/cheerleading gym they work out of now. 

I'll probably be back for a week or two in late July early August. Hope to see yall then.

Other than that, all I need is a BAPK shirt. Take care out there guys. See you on the other side.

Great plan!
Message your address and we'll get you a BApkman costume right away...


..."6 inches" in which direction?!?

The only direction that matters... out.


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