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Toronto (CAN) North American capital of PK training...

...and BAparkour has always been (even before its official inception), and still is, a very female-practitioners-friendly community.

But can we match an entire week-end with a full-house of 20-traceuses-20?!?

Read the whole story at PKNA, but see with your own eyes here:

Can we hope to have our first only female beginners (and not) session in September, when everybody will be back from travel/vacations?

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lol, I will be down for sure! >D'll better!
Since you're gonna be one of the (hard-) core organizers...
awesome. can we get a centre with a giant obstacle course too? ;) j/k... well, i'll be happy to not take charge of but coordinate some activities and step up our girl scene! i condition about 5 days a week, so i can use some of that training IP and hold a longer structured session (something Haley's been used to lately it seems!) we can combine our forces and get some really good training from each other.

this is cool, i've been meaning to get the ladies together (alone) again!
Wow, five days a week? I always seem to need at least a day after each for recovery time. Nice :) Anyway, key to a good session is a good location (I think :P), so let's all start thinking now. I'm sure in two months we'll have figured out a decent place!
well it's not all day for 5 days you know!

i will scout around (the city), the embarcadero is a good place to start and warm up . i started a little clips video of spots, old footage but good to revisit, will try to get it up soon...
That would be really cool. Wow, I wish I could have been to that training session in Toronto. It sounds amazing. I would love to have something like that here and it'll be really great to meet all the girls that I've been hearing so much about that are away right now.
btw, anyone else thinkin those bricks in the picture would be so much fun to climb and traverse in lieu of the stairs? lucky ducks, even the building itself is very traceable ;)
oh yah totally, what you see just in that shot looks great!!
That's a climbing wall!!!
not a very challenging climbing wall... doesn't look like it at least. come on g, we're women, those bricks can be decor too!

...right. My bad...
Maybe a post-modernist reductionist climbing wall? :).

I'd be in for an all-girl session.


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