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yesterday, in speaking with Elf and *insert Mike's screen name* the topic came up about trespassing on grounds that obviously we're not supposed to be. it seems that most people do not have any reserve. but some do (rightfully) have an issue with it. i personally don't mind using prohibited space until somebody says something. "public" to me is almost anywhere somewhat accessible. but are there even places that are "legal" to do parkour that a whole group can practice without leaving anyone behind?

some time after Mara and Mike left, our group was asked (ok, told) to leave (not even that nicely this time), and we did. no defiance or anything like that. the kicker-outer said that this was "not an open campus and you need a permit to be here." actually, it was quite open. the gate was unlocked, and there were other people there...

as usual, we don't want to paint that "bad-ass" picture of parkour. do we keep trying words kaos tries like "exercising" or "plyometrics?" the ongoing discussion continues; what do we do, where do we go, how do we respond?

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Very true, mold, tetanus, and abestos is a big issue on the island. It's not even the biggest problem. They have a whole bunch of cemicals left over from when the navy held the territory. I figured these wouldn't have been to big of a problem, given everyone kept to the outside of the buildings. Y'all tried it in the past and didn't like it, I won't put the time into throwing up a map. The area I was thinking was best was a block or two away from the YMCA too. 
Has anyone called and made an appointment with whomever could grant us weekend access to GWHS?

I think an official blue t-shirt, a ring binder full of waivers and a short, typed, mission statement combined with a vague explanation of what we're doing and our policy of leaving no trace couldn't hurt at all.

It's not like if they said "no" that we'd stop.

I'd be willing to do it if no one else would. Seriously.

There are 2 outcomes; One, it works and we all split the cost of whatever fee they want for legal use of the space. Two, it doesn't work, and since I'll omit WHEN we'd train, things remain the same.

I think that restictions haven't killed skateboarding, why would they kill parkour?


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