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For those that weren't present at the GWHS practice today, I shorted a precision onto a rail and banged my face pretty bad. It was amazing how quickly everyone came to my really means a lot to know that we've got each other's backs if something happens. Medical update: The ER doc was able to "superglue" the wound on my face, and I should be all healed up in a couple days.

Some of you may have known that I ran ~5 miles to get to practice this morning. In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision from an injury prevention perspective. Do I know if the run had an effect on my fall? I don't know, but it's a good lesson to be veeeery careful if you are weak or tired.

After conversing with Chris and Giorgio, I think some key questions about emergency preparedness were brought up by today's events. For example:
- What happens if a minor gets hurt?
- Does everyone have insurance? (and a card available)
- Where are the nearest hospitals?
- Who has the first aid kit, and what should be stocked?
- What contact information is critical in case of an emergency? (ie. minors parents)
- Who has EMS skills?

Hopefully some of you have insights into the above questions (and hopefully others). Injury prevention is paramount, but it's good to be prepared as possible. Thanks for the input!

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Hey Matt. I was hoping to get your input on this matter. Do you know how liability would be assigned in these situations? I agree completely that there should be a general procedure for emergencies, as well as some critical contact information available. How to obtain and store this information is still an open question...Any ideas?
..."good Samaritan law", right?
Any particular, Californian, take on that, as far as you know?

How about the specific "consent to medical care" (at the ER, after "immediate rescue", like to get a shot, or, i.e., stitching instead of "gluing" a wound...) for minors, that Andrew mentioned?
How to prevent and take care of injuries:

1. Know your limits.
2. Know that things that you cannot control can go wrong.
3. Look before you leap.
4. Inspect your area.
5. Only do things that you are SURE you are physically capable of.
6. Know what to do in case of an injury.
7. Have emergencey contact numbers in your cell phone so others can call for help.
8. Make sure that somebody at the jam or training session has a first-aid kit.

Of course injuries will happen no matter what, but if we all follow these guidelines, we will minimalize the amount of injuries, and we will be prepared just in case.

Hope you're get better soon!
Also. Develop Your body's natural defense to injuries. Body Armor
......does that really help in the case of a face plant? oh and dont forge the kitty-kat-attack position. it'll save u alot.....atleast it has for me. natural defense for injuries, could u be allitle bit more specific? sounds alittle more like this has to do with fatigue and the mind to me.
the what now?
Do tell.
Body Armor Is natural. Its just like armor. Armor protects even when you are tired. One has to develop his/her instinct in order to fully prevent injuries. I was trying to kash this very high rail. Both of my feet clipped. The rail was about 5 feet high. I went flying forward. Relaxed, and dive-rolled. Felt perfect. Got up, tried it again and succeeded. Another- I was trying to dive kong over one rail, and plant my hands on the following one (It was about a foot lower than the one i had to clear. My knees heavily clipped, and I let my body use its natural defense. I relaxed, and cushioned my fall with my arms. Didnt bother rolling. I took the impact well, no bruises, no scratches....etc. Both of these were very controlled falls. This is what i mean body armor. As you train, your body learns to prevent injuries by itself. I train the roll a lot. Especially by myself. This has paid of.

So basically, Body armor defends you from all injuries. Even long term (accumulated) ones. Train safe! Condition, work on landings...etc....
gotta agree...natural protection is more how to handle falling in that split second where you know some shits about to go down.rolling is huge for falling in any extreme sport/ discipline. for instnce if i fall off my bike i try to roll to prevent injury or land in a way to minimize injury.
Yes. Develop your body armor by falling intentionally like kaos.
There was an injury yesterday in my neck of the woods. The immediate signs of the "victim" indicated a possible head/neck injury. The traceur had lost concsiousness... things looked grim.

Fortunately I'm trained as an EMT. Unfortunately my license is expired. I'll get it renewed next semester when the renew class is offered. I HIGHLY recommend everybody get trained in CPR/First Aid. First Responder training (step below EMT) took me one semester of 3 hours a week. EMT was another semester, 6 hours a week. Knowing how to help my bleeding, convulsing friend was priceless.

(He's OK.)
Wow. This is exactly the situation that we should have some talk about handling. I believe that prevention (conditioning, progression, building "body armor", etc) is great...but sometimes things do happen, despite everything else. We should have as much in place "just in case" as possible...

Where did you get your training, Beretta? I've always wanted to get certified, but never had the opportunity.

I'm really glad to hear your buddy is alright. Hopefully his recovery goes smoothly.


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