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For those that weren't present at the GWHS practice today, I shorted a precision onto a rail and banged my face pretty bad. It was amazing how quickly everyone came to my really means a lot to know that we've got each other's backs if something happens. Medical update: The ER doc was able to "superglue" the wound on my face, and I should be all healed up in a couple days.

Some of you may have known that I ran ~5 miles to get to practice this morning. In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision from an injury prevention perspective. Do I know if the run had an effect on my fall? I don't know, but it's a good lesson to be veeeery careful if you are weak or tired.

After conversing with Chris and Giorgio, I think some key questions about emergency preparedness were brought up by today's events. For example:
- What happens if a minor gets hurt?
- Does everyone have insurance? (and a card available)
- Where are the nearest hospitals?
- Who has the first aid kit, and what should be stocked?
- What contact information is critical in case of an emergency? (ie. minors parents)
- Who has EMS skills?

Hopefully some of you have insights into the above questions (and hopefully others). Injury prevention is paramount, but it's good to be prepared as possible. Thanks for the input!

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...this is a very good point.
Today I talked to a surgeon about this whole issue, and aside addressing the "good Samaritan law" that Sin mentions above, all (ALL!) his suggestions were referred to unconscious victims, possible heart/breathing arrest, chocking, severe bleeding (artery cut), severe vomit, brain/spinal injuries, penetration of foreign object and such... all what a medical professional thinks, when he thinks emergency first aid...
Nothing that a preemptive "body armor" can stop, nor a butterfly bandage or superglue will treat...

The answer to most of them was invariably "call 911"... but having a basic training of what to do, or what not to do, while waiting, may make a "life" of a difference, not only for the victim, but also for everybody's peace of mind...

So, we may be talking of two different, even if related issues here: emergency resuscitation and life saving procedures, v. minor injuries prevention and treatment...
More than in my 18 months PK experience, in a life of sports, road travel, and work around injury prone jobs, I've seen both happening, but would say they require very different preparation and mindset...
Glad your buddy was okay.

I'm also a lapsed EMT (my certification expired two years ago). My understanding of the law from my EMT training is that consent to care is implied in cases where a person isn't in a state to give consent (ie unconscious). I believe the same goes for minors. It's more a matter of whether the person has all their faculties and tells you NOT to treat them, then you need to back off. So legally you're protected if you're trying to help as long as the person hasn't told you not to (or if there's a Do Not Resuscitate order, but that's a legal document only for very elderly or very sick people who are basically at the end of their life anyway). But all of this really only applies to an on-duty medical provider, which no one at our sessions is (not even Derek, since he's off-duty when he's jamming with us).
yah thats basically it.. unconscious = implied consent, minor ask guardian if there is one otherwise implied consent, and good samaritan law something bout no getting ass sued. i'll start bringing a resuscitation mask if we need it even though almost never need

speaking of getting cpr and emt stuff a good place is at UCSF its 2 weeks (? i have bad memory took it this summer too :P) but maybe not cause the one i took was more for lifeguarding but they teach first aid and initial assessments blah blah cpr however....... i still have not recieved my certificate!!! so they kinda suck at that
how does one go about getting their emt?
EMT certification is usually a semester long class. I got mine at a community college back when I lived in San Diego, and I know that Merritt College up here in Oakland offers it. There are probably plenty of other colleges around the Bay Area that offer it as well. Those classes are really geared toward people who plan on going into it as a profession, so you'll learn a lot about how to do first response when you have an ambulance full of gear to back you up.
CAn a person 14 years old take a class like that?
a minor can take a red cross class, but you have to be 18 to get a EMT certificate.
i actually think you have to be 15 to become certified for first aid and cpr and aed
hmmmm I remember doing it in health class in high school.... but it may have been sophomore year.
i have a red cross first aid/CPR certification. I only carry the base first aid kit: gloves, band aids, mouth shield. I am considering investing in a heavy duty kit from costco. that would be appreciated, yes?
Ok so I am a bit rusty on my Criminal V. Civil.

as already said the good samaritan rule is a pretty basic starting point. There are some other concerns if parents do not know what their kids are doing. Hopefully people are telling their folks where they are headed every sunday. If not that is a good starting point .Minors should have their parents consent at least verbally if not in writing.

liability is more for the places we are then for the people who are around. We ahave all said we take responsibility for our actions, but technically minors cannot do that. There are levels of consent that get murky but the fall back is that under 18 means you cannot consent. It would be tough to nail down anyone individually since we are all teachers and all students in some form or another.

bottom lineif youa reunder the age of 18 please talk to your parents about what you are doing, and talk to them about medical treatment. that way if anyone is a christian scientist (absolutly no med treatment) then we know ahead of time.

but civil liability should be minimal so long as parents don't get too angry (that and frankly none of us have any money so we aren't worth suing)


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