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In the interest of 1. helping people figure out what works for parkour; 2. having another excuse to log on and procrastinate and 3. having an outlet for the tangential discussion which eventually pops up in other postings, let this be the start to discussion of what to wear/not wear when training, what you wear everyday that works for parkour, what you think might work but haven't tried yet, and all other apparel-related concerns, etc. Function, aesthetics or otherwise, go nuts.

Shoe discussion is held elsewhere, let's keep this to other wardrobe.

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I like my prana thresher climbing pants. Abrasion resistant (unlike sweat pants), loose (like sweat pants), has pockets you can believe in (unlike sweat pants) and doesn't look like sweat pants (unlike sweat pants).
not that i have a thing against sweat pants.
...also (cotton) sweat pants retain sweat big time.
And I have more than a thing against sweaty clothing...
B-b-b-but Devid Belle, Stephane Vigroux, Forrest and all those guys are always wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts! You guys must be wrong!

Seriously, though, I'm much more into thin layers than big outer layers, esp in SF. Wicking is key; cotton kills (okay, maybe not in a temperate, urban environment). I like a base layer of thin wool or maybe some kind of tech fabric of which each manufacturer has their own proprietary kind that does the same thing. Old jerseys from soccer or ultimate do well for me (plus I already had plenty before starting pk). I like arm warmers, too- adjustable depending on heat and light protection against scraping wrists on cat leaps and whatnot.

For log covering, I haven't found my ideal yet- usually end up wearing some kind of cotton pants because that's most of my wardrobe (BDUs or some outdoor company pants, generally full range of motion) and it hasn't been cold enough for my thicker post-cycling overpants (which aren't as abrasion resistant). I've been staying away from shorts because I tend to check obstacles with my knees and shins which is mildly painful with pants, bloody with shorts.
BTW., below the discussion that inspired this thread:

Are jeans ok to wear?

you can wear jeans, but it's not recommended cause they tend to restrict the range of motion of your legs

i reccomend NOT wearing jeans..... i dont know anybody else but i cant do ANYTHING in those....

I also don't suggest wearing jeans they get caught on your knee when trying to bust vaults and stuff atleast that's what happen to me.....

so i guess that leaves me with shorts?
Yes, that was the impetus. I wasn't sure how to link just the discussion part of the event.

BTW, Matix Miner jeans are actually pretty good, not just cuz they bring me within acceptable skinniness range to the Mission hipster set (I think). They have a small percentage of lycra- easier to find in girl jeans than boy jeans- so they allow greater range of motion than most non-fratboy-loose jeans. They are probably about average regarding sweaty clothing goes.
I just wear jeans and a random t-shirt I pull off my dresser and I happen to do pretty well for myself. It doesn't matter so much so long as you're comfortable moving and it doesn't restrict you too much, whether you want to dress with athletics in mind, or just casually.
I, personally wear sweat pants, and a cotton t-shirt.....after watching Oleg Vorslav...i couldnt resist.
hmm i'd think sweat pants would be the most comfortable for me but i never wear them, cargo shorts are too loose but pretty much most long pants except jeans work for me and a t shirt
my ideal outdoor conditions are those days that i can wear long pants and a tank top (short sleeves keep me from throwing my elbow up on things too which is good practice)

my very first day, i learned wearing jeans and it was fine, i was able to do a whole lot that day. when i'm street walking on any other day and i feel the urge to do a little parkour, i'm usually wearing jeans and it's just fine then too (well, depending on the jeans).

i am a cold person when i'm outside though. i remember practicing last winter and i wore 2 pairs of pants (something like sweatpants underneath a thinner pair of non-cottony pants) and 3 layers on top, i'd always shed the topmost layer though. first layer is a fitted t-shirt, tight(ish) but fitted does not restrict and i prefer the non-looseness. i definitely feel more heavy with all the layers but it's worth it not freezing my @ss off. i get used to it though and it becomes a non-issue.

hm, this kinda makes me want to test out more of my wardrobe now!
I've been wearing loose jeans for so long that I think I've just learned how to move in them. I've never caught them on anything mid-move as far as I know (catching things mid-move is usually the job of my knees or shins). I think of them as a little bit of armor protecting whatever hard bony surface I'm exposing to the concrete.

I am thinking more about arm covers though. I keep coming back with abrasions on my forearms which get a little old after a while. Anyone got good recommendations in that department?


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