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i was wondering what you do to perform a perfect kong any info about the kong will help because i can kinda kong but i cant komg over something past my knees thank you

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I think the best way is just to practice it over and over again on things you can do it on. Once you have perfected the technique, try progressively bigger obstacles.
thanks i try it
Yeah, it is, where do you train on weekdays? Cause I have more free time now and would like to join you and Kirill if possible.
Documentary stuff still, so I have not been training on Sundays. I will be open for earlier training this Sunday though, because we have an interview at 4:00 pm.

I really want to get out there, don't get me wrong! I am not quitting parkour, and I am not losing dedication, although it may seems that way. In fact, I trained after school today for two hours.

I will contact you.
Yeah I had the same question. Besides the quantity of practice there's the quality of it too.
This is advice that helps me personally, so whether or not it will work for you is in your judgment.

Generally starting the pace with long strides helps...
As you move build speed, as this will reduce your chances of hesitation and get you the power you need.
Keep your eyes on where you're going to land, trying to aim you hands for a certain spot also will help.
Either perform the two foot take off (which kills momentum) or the split foot take off, for longer distances you may feel that float in the air. Make sure you jump UP and Forward, as shown in the moving icon above.
Extend your hands over, and push, as your hands leave, the legs "go through" technically the hnads are long gone before the feet "go through".
Keep your eyes on the landing spot, also indicated by the moving icon. And land split footed to continue moving forward
For me I find doing it with all these technical things in my head once will help, after I've done it I'll do it without thinking. As Aero would say "lead with you head and not your brain." Your body will integrate itself naturally with quality practice.

Anyone want to help me with dive kongs? I have the question posted on technique and methods.
Think about yourself doing this in slow motion, 2nd person view and I always forget, first person view. It also helps to watch videos and imagine yourself doing it in first person, sometimes the big stuff gives me the chills, a lot of it is your imagination.
That animation is flawed on several levels. Try working out your own way of getting over the obstacle as fast as possible, rather than forcing yourself to do specific moves. You might come up with something far more effective.
+1 on all that (esp that the animation is far from perfect technique)

Techniques are useful in that they increase our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to the spaces around us, they are not in themselves the paths over obstacles.
Guys he wants technique for a pass not a theory on movement or method...

Watch people who's kong you like and watch where certain parts of their body (headhipsfeetkneeshands) are and where those parts are going. Just focus on fixing one piece of the movement at a time.

And are you guys really trying to learn pk through cartoons now? No bueno
fixing one part at a time = great idea.
pk cartoons suck.
i know it's a bad cartoon and thank eneryone has given some type of help thanks


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