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Fundraising for BApk projects, flyers, banners, better demo/clinics

Alright, so spreading the good word of PK is not cheap. Cost about $40 dollars to other day between copies, markers, and the tri fold. Its worth it i figure, and i still have like 50 flyers. But i mean the "leave no trace" project we all want to get on, obstacles for demo/clinics, more flyers are all gonna be way more expensive.
So what do we do?

Make a video (clinics, training sessions, demos, monthly jams)
Get a BAP shirt, and look legitimate
Offer sports places, home depot, copy places, uhaul companies, the opportunity to help a fledgling community that is trying to do some good.

The KSWISS event was almost perfect in terms of a PK demo/clinic design. Bigger grippy obstacles for actaul traceurs, Soft obstacles and pads for those trying it for the first time, and a pretty good balance of product placement vs. supporting parkour. Now i know everyone here (myself included most times) think that KSWISS is "SELLING OUT" our sport. Shitty shoes, big name actor/stuntguy, goofy poses, its easy to see why more serious traceurs can come to this conclusion. However that day at USF it really seemed that Kswiss was "BUYING INTO" parkour and helping it become something that isnt done behind security guards backs and by the "criminal type".

I mean if putting under on the back of our shirt you put "supported by Home Depot" or something can get them to donate materials to build obstacles for demos/clinics or provide paint and supplies to fund our "LEAVE NO TRACE" clean up efforts, doesnt that make the "selling out" or whatever you want to call it for a "good cause"?

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I understand that the topics of parkour "backup", commercialization of parkour, and sponsorship is a tough one that could be better tackled after having heard some more experienced counseling (as in "positions widely accepted by the national community").

But if any traceur should have any sponsor supporting anything (an event, a t-shirt, a session of classes...) I would like to see the sponsor selected with a set of criteria or from a list that can be somehow endorsed...
for example:
There are definitely worthwhile ways of partnering with corporations. Both parties involved need to be getting something positive out of it. So I am for those things as long as they are done right, and the sponsor involved does not use child labor or something like that. Home Depot would be would be awesome to have some durable vault boxes stationed in the park.
I printed some 3x5 fliers at work. I'll give them to you guys on Sunday.
Thanks Chris!
3X5" basically postcards... cool...

I made a specific thread for "collaterals" and various materials, here:

Maybe we can keep this thread for funding/partnering/sponsoring?
I don't think "supported by Home Depot" would be a problem unless it started to turn out like Kswiss's "goofy poses." The idea of stationed boxes around the park sounds great to, this way we could maintain these areas with LEAVE NO TRACE and there would be less "trespassing."
speaking of LEAVE NO TRACE it sounds like a big project, would the best way be to make fliers or somehow first introduce parkour and the purpose of leave no trace to certain properties? and what if they just told us to not go in at all?


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