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So..... I recently have been looking at many Parkour/Free-running Photographs all over the internet ..... I happened to see many similar ones (By saying similar i mean average- just pics showing movement.... = Not works of Art) I also looked on APK And I realized that There are no BAPK photos! That made me kinda jealous- because we have some wonderful photographers.... I believe that one of the ways we could get our community really recognized, is by posting some works on APK. I propose that we can get some Photography going on at least one of our jams. I dont think that just shooting randomly and capturing a kong or something makes a good photo- Same with Cinematography. Lets take Azat (Volfgan) for example- his works are outstanding and the movement that he generally captures is not that "Amazing (As in WOW)"---------I think that its the photography that makes it interesting. it would be wonderful if we could really plan out this type of thing.... I hope that i dont sound stupid lol. Do you guys/Traceuses =) have any ideas, comments, propositions, proposals?

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Planning is definitely a good thing in making a good photo. I've basically given up shooting at jams not just because I'd rather be running, but also because midday sun is really, really bad looking, at least without some supplemental lighting. Plus, most of our locations are not very attractive, visually speaking. I'd be down to do some photo sessions after a bit of location scouting and scheduling.

To be straightup about it, I am looking for new material for my portfolio. If you are interested in helping me out that way, ie being an unpaid model, let me know. I'm not sure when I'll be doing this- it will depend a lot on locations and coordinating schedules and whatnot- but I'd like to do a shoot at least once before the summer is done. I won't sell your image to anyone or if I do I will clear it with you and make sure you get paid if I'm getting paid. Chances are, anything I shoot will only be presented in my print and online portfolio ( Also, photoshoots tend to be long and repetitious- expect to do a move or series twenty or thirty times which also means I'd like people who are have strong technique which doesn't necessarily mean big- I'm more interested in the fluid, controlled, dance-like aspects than the gravity-dependent stuff. Energy and movement is what it's about, of course, so I won't work a shot to death and I'll make sure to buy you a meal at least. Actually, what I'd really like to do is create a small narrative our of a handful of images- probably some kind of chase but not so literal, perhaps a love story or something.

Okay with all that said, I'm going to be presumptuous and say if anyone wants pointers on photography, feel free to ask me. I think I'm much better at it than I am at parkour yet that hasn't stopped me from giving pk advice. Also, feel free to tell me to shut it if you don't want my photography advice, too- it's an artform so we all have our own styles and preferences.
I would love to take part in that- I have been looking into photography- and experimented a little bit-

I actually think that some of our locations are indeed attractive- we just have to look- This is Azat's Portfolio- He shoots in many familiar locations- here is his PK set-
It would be lovely to make some works of art and post BAPK for proudness!
What is the goal? Are we really seeking recognition? One thing I like about this site compared to others is that we are not trying for sponsorships or advertisements or to be famous...we just train parkour. When I first got to SF I noticed tons of people on the website, but I could only get ONE person to train with me (Andrey). Now we have a site that is full of people who actually train. Its great, so lets not take it in the wrong direction.

With that said, I don't see a problem with posting pictures on PKNA or APK just to share...but for recognition...who cares?
I agree with your sentiment about recognition. As I said, I have my own selfish motives, but none of that is getting recognition on POTW in APK or other forums (aside from wanting to get more web search results). I would also just like to see some good parkour photography, especially stuff that doesn't glamorize exceedingly dangerous feats (or gymnastics, not to get divisive) and might actually go so far as to bring out the philosophy of parkour as well as the beauty of movements. Not sure how that's going to happen yet, but that's why it's an interesting challenge to me. Maybe Chase Jarvis already beat me to it (check out image #30 of his portfolio, too), but that's why I'd like to figure out a different way.
its called pride- i think its some Russian thing in me- but whatever - dont you agree it will be nice to have some works of art?! I do...... And im dreaming..... So yeah ;)
"Pride" is not an exclusive Russian prerogative, and I would actually say that at a National level it's extremely strong felt in the US (a.k.a."America!") too...
-with "extremely" I imply that it may be perceived as excessive and chauvinistic, but I do not really care, and I don't think this is the place to discuss it...-

At a personal level, instead, not only super-power country inspire feelings of Pride (ask Ryan -Irish-, me -Italian-, or any Swiss on the face of this planet...)...

Having said, that Pride in Art, or Pride in the activity one practices or endorses is a completely other thing and, unrelated to nationalism, I cannot see anything objectionable in it!

As Msgr33 suggest, though, to portray pk in an artistic (as in really and purposively beautiful, not randomly...) it may require extra work and special sessions (which have also the plus of keeping the focus of training sessions where it should be... namely on training...).

And displaying that art wherever should have two main reasons: displaying the beauty/strength of the artistic piece itself and informing about the Art worthy activity.

So: "yes" but with some distinctions...
My 2.5 cents (one spent on my national pride, and another on pk pride... lol!)
By pride i meant not Russia- but BAPK lol! Yes- i understand what you are saying ;) So lts get this thing going! - Lets try to experiment....and *UGHM* plan on the next jam.....or lets make a special event for that....
...special event, please.
All that camera shooting and extra lighting can be very distracting (for those non interested), intimidating, sometime annoying (when it gets in the way), and potentially dangerous (for the sake of the "take" one may push the envelope too hard, or hold a position for too long, or simply not being focused on execution), thus one may want to take extra safety measures (borrow a gym mat, bring an old mattress, a.s.o.)...

As soon as one think well about it, it's obvious how little it shares with "regular" training, in general, but especially the ones for beginners...
Yes- but do we have any- "other" jams on the weekends besides teh beginner ones?
No, we do not have them... we need to make them...

Actually you and whoever is interested in being the "models" together with the photographers have to schedule them here...

And they won't be (they shouldn't be) called jams, because they are gonna be photo shootings, and I don't know that you'd want "absolute beginnners", but that's more of an artistic choice...
I agree with that a photoshoot and a jam, especially beginner training sessions, don't really mix for all the reasons SafeNSure has touched on above. It's great that there are such willing models here, but I'd actually recommend that photographers organize their shoots outside of this site unless they really want them to be open attendance.
I know I'm incredibly new to parkour, but I've been into photography for about five years now. I've brought my camera to just two sessions, but I'm definitely willing to bring it to more. I agree with msgr33 on trying to capture the beauty of the movements. It's going to be a challenge for all the reasons listed before, but I would love to try.


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