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yesterday, in speaking with Elf and *insert Mike's screen name* the topic came up about trespassing on grounds that obviously we're not supposed to be. it seems that most people do not have any reserve. but some do (rightfully) have an issue with it. i personally don't mind using prohibited space until somebody says something. "public" to me is almost anywhere somewhat accessible. but are there even places that are "legal" to do parkour that a whole group can practice without leaving anyone behind?

some time after Mara and Mike left, our group was asked (ok, told) to leave (not even that nicely this time), and we did. no defiance or anything like that. the kicker-outer said that this was "not an open campus and you need a permit to be here." actually, it was quite open. the gate was unlocked, and there were other people there...

as usual, we don't want to paint that "bad-ass" picture of parkour. do we keep trying words kaos tries like "exercising" or "plyometrics?" the ongoing discussion continues; what do we do, where do we go, how do we respond?

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pretty much all it is.

but talking to the admin. wont do much. they will quote some school code.

make friends with the security guards or night staff if you want to "own " a spot.

as much as i wish people viewed us as legitimate (football,soccer,baseball) we have less support than skateboarders do. You gotta keep it "underground" status.

Train till you get caught up, then just move a block down the street. This is parkour and we have one of the best cities there is. we should use it
I've got to agree with Ryan. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think it's unlikely that any school would give us permission even if you came to them with the best of intentions. They're far more likely to do the "safety stonewall", parrot the fact that it's a closed campus, and boot you out the door.

I think that as long as we give GWHS a little time off and make sure we keep moving the weekly training spot as we have in the past, we'll be fine. My thinking is that they've been dealing with skaters coming there off hours for years if not decades, and if it really mattered to them, they'd have gotten security to patrol the place. As it is, their maintenance guys didn't care about us being there all day, and I think it was just a fluke that the vice principal happened by (probably needed to get something from her office).

On the other hand, the beginner's sessions seem to be getting bigger and bigger. A small number of people every now and again probably won't make them react, but an impromptu 40-person jam could really freak them out beyond the point of no return. She did say "unless you have a permit", which implies that it's possible at least on paper.
I thought I would add here a post from Bonez415 to this regard, written in ref. to the "incident" at Sloat August 3, 2008

Comment by Bonez415 August 3, 2008
well sloat isnt really gated off... they have a open fence all the time for people who want to play b-ball or kids who want to play in the jungle gym... i know they cant legally kick us out if we are not misusing the property... however seeing as when we wall run we are causing marks on the paint that may be seen ass us misusing the property...

i ttink it would be a good idea that some of us (especially the older and more experienced traceurs) take a day to speak with the principal of the school and offer a treaty... i think that we should re-paint the school on some occasions for them, since we do train there and make a mess of the walls, if they let us practice there... along with that we should present a legal document stating that anyone who practices PK or Freerunning in their premises will be held liable for their own actions...

with that said that would be really good for our pk public relations... mayb if sloat starts more schools might follow and we will be able to pk more often... i would like to hear from the rest of you on this topic...
I also never mention the "P" word if other adults or authority figures ask what I am doing while I'm on a run. Like it's been said before, "We don't want 'No Parkour' signs underneath the 'No Skateboarding' signs."

This topic raises some interesting points, especially about respecting the spaces we train in. I just posted this new spot which is the rec center and playground I run programs at. On a Sunday afternoon the center and adjoining library are closed so it should be a pretty ideal spot, but on the other hand we just painted a mural and it would be way lame to have foot marks all over it.

I was wondering, would it be possible to make West Sunset like a model for "Leave No Trace"? Maybe we could take a couple of towels with us so we can wipe down surfaces after we're done? Let me know what you think.
I am with you on the "P" word thing. I am always just "exercising." We keep thinking about bringing a towel...I will really try to remember tomorrow. I'd say our biggest destructive issue is chipped paint though.
Just to warn all,A few weeks ago at sloat the cops kicked us out and told us to tell every one else not to pk at sloat any more or they will arrest us cuz they said there were sick of telling us (lol).....But for real they did say that so be careful!!!
if we build our own thing...... (That relinquishes the whole purpose of PK though) that whould be cool- We NEEEEEEED to get permits- im whiling to help as best as i can.....

1 ---- We need to find offfff the sight places- ie bunkers......etc......
2 we need to keep it down
3 we need to get more legal
Some suggestions from me....
I'm very new to parkour, however, I've lived on treasure island for a few years. They have more than thirty buildings that aren't in use anymore. During the day the cops don't drive around too much. Might be a sweet spot to check out. 
Could you post a link to a map of where to start, adding a discussion like "Treasure Island" here?
Yeah I can do that. Gimmie a couple days, so I could set it up proper.  
Abestos, tetanus, and mold wait for you in those buildings.

Treasure Usland is the kinda spot you WISH that the cops were around.  Especially these abandoned buildings.

It's been tried here back when Aero worked with the YMCA in the island and it didn't work out as a legitimate training location.


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