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When you have a moment time, and you feel inclined so, please take a look at the attached proposal that the initiators of this space put together for everybody to express themselves.
We should discuss this all together at our next practice (after the training, about 3:00PM)

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I'm very discouraged to have seen this sign. We are going to be in a battle for the image of Parkour. We must strive to rise above the skateboarders and other street rift raft. Otherwise, the ignorant masses will relegate our sport to the back alleys with the other social rejects.
hahaha... I like to think they meant "no jumping with bikes and skateboards on walls!", which would be ok with me...
But it really all boils down if it's a matter of property damage or instead, more likely, liability...
I sympathize with the spirit of your message, but speaking as an ex-skater, it still rubs me the wrong way when skateboarders are equated with "street rift raft" and "social rejects". I think it's shortsighted and selfish to distance oneself from those who are outcast for the same reason: reappropriation of public space.
Yeah, I knew someone would say this. That is not my personal opinion. That comment was meant to reflect how mainstream society (ignorant masses) views skateboarding. I don't want Parkour to be lumped into the same social/quasi-criminal category that skateboarding has fallen into. Everywhere you look you see "No Skateboarding" signs. Its so common that people have just started to accept the criminality of skateboarding without even thinking about how ridiculous that position is. If you say it enough it must be true, kind of thing. Parkour is just creeping into the consciousness of mainstream society. They are noticing us and deciding how to categorize us. If they lump us in with skateboarding, then we will inherit all of the negative stereotypes that come along with skateboarding. That what I meant, but didn't what to have to type all of this. You called me out, so I hope my position is more clear. I was just being lazy.
I understood your position from your original post, but thanks for clarifying anyway. There is definitely some truth to all of it- even when I was actively skateboarding, there were folks I didn't want to hang out with or be identified with, but that is true of basically every fringe subculture I've been a part of and I've come to think that the good rarely exists without the bad, especially in the case of creative, expressive and challenging activities.

The bigger problem I see is that people find it acceptable to criminalize any activity that isn't neatly segregated into its own space. I think it's important to fight for public use of public space (and quasi-public space like the courtyards of many downtown buildings) for all users, not just the ones with the neatest appearance and most unified PR machine.
I dunno...that sign could refer to what we do. Speaking of our image, I want to get going on the Leave No Trace Initiative, and I can't think of a better spot than the pillars at GWHS where we do wall runs and the paint is coming off.

The question is, do we notify the school? Or do we just go paint?
I think its best we notify the school cause i guess if only one spot of the whole pillar is fresh white crispy white and the rest is the older one it'll look weird. and also if they wanted to be jerks they could be like "well u guys shouldn't be there anyway" or they could be like "we don't like that without our permission so do it again" because i've gone to GWHS a few times where a random security guard driving around the school sees me JUST as i climb the fence and he pulls up really fast into the stairs and gets out and tells me to get down and says something about if something gets stolen blah blah, but all this while other people are inside. but very rare
I think we should just go paint it. First of all, the school would not really know who it was. Second, they will probably not notice or care. Third, if they do notice, they will probably take it as a favor that has been done for them rather than vandalism. Anyway, I'm saying go paint it.
I think that a good step would be to post a petition of sorts of the main gate explaining Parkour, and the no trace left behind. Obviosly after we have notified the school district. I would love if it was a neatly made, good looking piece of plastic (Not paper, not cardboard...etc.)
If you are a new or existing BAparkour member or jam/training guest AND YOU ARE A MINOR, please make sure your parents or legal tutors read the following "frequent questions"...
Q. Who is responsible for my child when he or she attends a Parkour jam or training?

A. At all times, your child is responsible for his or her own safety, actions and body.
BAparkour it's a volunteer based, non-profit, non-incorporated organization and does not carry insurance or accept liability for any person’s actions while engaging in any activity, whether or not it is endorsed or organized by BAparkour members.
In addition, while traceurs affiliated with BAparkour are always available and happy to help beginners learn the fundamentals of Parkour, they are not in a position to give medical or any other type of professional advice to your child; he or she, and you, must decide what activities are appropriate to attempt.

Q. What if my child gets injured during a Parkour jam or training?

A. It is important to remember that Parkour jams and trainings are simply ad hoc meet-ups of anyone interested in Parkour. There is no guarantee that anybody with first aid training will be present; indeed, it is possible that no member of BAparkour will be present at all.
As with any activity, make sure you know where and with whom your child is going and, if necessary, that someone in the group knows how to reach you in the event of an emergency.
We always stress the benefits of safety, caution and careful progression!
wow this all is a bit to much. I think that kaos has the right idea about stuff like painting and cleaning up after are selfs. If 1 spot gets hot and they want us to leave then we should leave!! We might try and reason with them but if thats what they want then thats what they should get.we don't want to be defient (spelled wrong I know) rift raft. That would just make things worse!.And we need to be seen as good members of are fair city or city's. In order not to be seen as rift raf. I say as long as we follow some simple rules as in,don't leave trash there,respect there wishes and so on then all should tern out good in the end for us and we wont be put in that kind of light. We should talk about this in the next jam. It's pritty inportin stuff.


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