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My name is David I have been into parkour since 2009. I did not take any real steps to begin actually doing parkour till 

around late 2010 when my internet searching payed off and I found a beginners class out in Berkeley, note at that time I had no idea what I was getting my self into it was a real wake up call. Then, I figured after spending lots of money to take the bart train there I really needed to to learn closer to home, of course I tried to take what I had learned in the beginner classes and build on it but it was really hard to train completely alone. The year was then 2011 when I found a group who was a lot closer called Diablo Valley Parkour, I train with them sometimes while still training on my own and hitting up the occasional SF parkour jam or even as far out as Pleasanton, however I mostly like to stay local in Concord,Bay Point

and Antioch there are some parkour spots out here I just don't think anyone ever took the time to notice. I did not even notice at first till I got my parkour eyes now I see parkour spots everywhere lol. Then towards the end of 2012 the most unexpected thing happened (no the world did not end) this movement from Colorado opened a parkour gym right in Concord and at last I had a place that was close enough to go to regularly. So then I began gym training parkour all 2013 till October by this time I had a great understanding and love for the sport of parkour and I grabbed my things and took off for a Halloween jam in San Francisco and for the first time I did not feel out of place or like the only person who did not get what I was doing I was transformed (even tho I kind of ditched the jam early because I was cold). Now Its December 

20th at the time of me writing this and I have joined the lovely site to say parkour needs to spread out more if you look at the spots map on here it goes all over SF of course and above SF to Novato and down as far as San Jose. What I am hoping for is parkour to start coming this way there is a gym in concord already so I hope more people will learn parkour in my area and bring it this way, Just thought I would post my life story on here and shout outs to all I mentioned.

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Comment by David Kueck on December 20, 2013 at 3:11pm

I will be posting my spots soon @  Bay Area Parkour

and I did not know the map was old lol I am new to this site.

Comment by Bay Area Parkour on December 20, 2013 at 1:38pm
Thanks for sharing!
And good job on your progress... more power to you.

That map was put together when Parkour was not so widespread in the Bay Area (2007), but feel free to post your hot spots on the thread, and we'll update it accordingly.

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