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June 2008 Blog Posts (12)

scorching weekend part 2

June 22

Conditioning at LCHS. Just as hot as Saturday, and with crappy high school plumbing instead of university plumbing. Trust me, on a day like this, paying a dollar is completely worth a bottle of ice cold vending machine water. And when that was finished, at least I knew which water fountains served cool to lukewarm water and which would be boiling because I used to go to school here. That made me feel helpful :P (Sheesh just remembering this makes me want to get a glass of ice… Continue

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scorching weekend

June 21

Mmmm another UCLA session. I thought it was going to be a small group, but I show up and it's a party, felt like 20 people. I was shocked because half the crowd I didn't know, gym newbies, and the heat wave we're experiencing has been unforgiving. At 12:30 it was already high nineties or in the hundreds. I was sweating driving there, and here were all these people for their first or second time ever training outside.

Jo, King, and Brian were around, already leading the… Continue

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a little conditioning

June 18

Was out running errands so I took a couple hours to stop by a local school and do some conditioning - plus I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the gym Thursday, so I wanted to get stuff in. Did backwards qm up and down every staircase I could find, and found a wall I could do repetitive work for muscle ups. I also drilled lazies by vaulting one way and immediately going back over way - something the guys had been playing with at the SD jam. At the least it's improving my… Continue

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proprioception drills and finishing strong

Inspired by the Parkour Generations Quadrepedie on Rails and Conditioning Through Movement videos and by looking for a way to stay focused during recovery from aerobic activity, I've started thinking about proprioception drills. I imagine everyone here knows what proprioception is, but in case ya don't, it's basically your internal awareness of where your body parts are relative… Continue

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How to Practice Parkour: A guide for those about to take the first step

Before beginning to train Parkour, you must consider your physical condition. You should not attempt any technique that your body cannot handle the consequences of. You need to either build strength, endurance, speed etc. before you start training, or progress at such a slow rate that your body is conditioned by your training process.

There are many different ways to train Parkour, most of which are valid and useful depending on the practitioners intentions. One of the original… Continue

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Random thoughts

I'm still new to parkour, I definitely admit that. My first session was literally a month ago at Sloat, one day before my archaeology final. (Which I know now was probably a bad idea since my quads were so sore the next day I was almost crying when I had to go down stairs, so sitting in a desk for two hours and ever time I moved, I winced...bad.) I remember seeing those parkour videos on YouTube and in movies/music videos, etc. and thinking "Wow...that's amazing. Too bad I'll never in a million… Continue

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SoCal Group Session no. 1 (super long post for a super long day)

June 14

"Hey!" Ninjaboy (Paul) shouted and jogged over to greet us. It was 10:40 am, we'd made it to Balboa park in much better time than I'd planned, and were just reaching the meeting spot. I'd left home at 7:45 to grab Taylor and Jacob, and then Brian#2 and Rick in West LA, and traffic to San Diego had been blessedly light.

We had quite a group of people that showed up early for Paul, a good 13 or so (Paul had to leave at 1 for a wedding). We trained a little around the… Continue

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June 11

Short night session around my old high school. It really has a lot of potential, but mostly fun if you're more advanced. Not too long ago Taylor made a nice video showing some of it off:

While there I ended up mostly practicing my kong run up, learning to trust it more and more in the outside world. I want to have enough trust in it that it serves me well on Saturday :P I also worked bear kong on both sides and nearly made the wallrun you… Continue

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June 7

small group today, low key cause UCLA is having finals. me, Tayzon (Taylor), Rick, Brian#2, Shiloe, and Lo.

improvements on myself i've noticed:

more controlled precisions and improved distance (8.5 of my shoes. used to be 8)

new kong run up is a-go for objects waist height or lower :] i kinda wished any of the guys from thursday night could have been there to see me take it outside for the first time, but i guess they'll see later… Continue

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Technique Discipline

June 5

Thursday. Gym day? I hadn't been to the last several classes. Either I was busy or was hesitant to go because the classes were really focused on absolute beginners. The time that was valuable to me was the time after when I could use it as an open gym and work on slightly more complicated tricks. Oh. Yeah. Maybe I could just ask Cliff if I could come after class. Even just an hour or so of that time would be useful. However, when I talked to him he told me the cleaning crew… Continue

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Santa Cruz beach: Sun, fun, near death experiences

Today I was stuck in Santa Clara with about 7 hours to kill in the middle of the day, so I thought what better place to go than Santa Cruz? Just a hop skip and a kong over Highway 17 and the beach is there for my enjoyment. Beautiful day for it, and what do I come across just east of the Boardwalk but a seawall made of giant concrete obstacles dumped loosely into the ocean, creating an unrivalled playground for flow practice. The obstacles are these giant tetrahedral concrete things, each one… Continue

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post-bunker thoughts for improvement

Thoughts from the bunker session today (thanks to all who made me think and assess my method, esp SafeNSure, Aero and Kaos):

• Try getting there on time for once. It would help if I went to sleep before, oh, 5am and got up before 11am. I want to see what other folks are doing for their warmups.

• Work on getting down instead of just going up. Lazy-vaultish descent off the flat roof to the walkway which could easily go into an underbar down another level then run around to… Continue

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