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Wow! I think this is worth posting! Today I worked on flips on my neighbor's trampoline, and I can finally do a good front flip. Yeah, I know, it's easy n a trampoline, but I was doing it without jumping before the flip. I think I'm going to go for it next time at Ocean Beach off of one of the walls if I'm feeling confident enough that day. For now, I'll just keep practicing on the trampoline.

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alone at sloat

i practiced by myself today, amazingly had a bit of focus too, but i had a goal, and that was the double kong. i picked a small obstacle, so small you can just step over it (bottom part of a slide), but since it was so low i started (tried to start) low to begin with (not hard with my height). i regular konged it, hand-walk konged, then step double konged (??). tried to keep getting my ass higher and higher each time.

anyway, here's the progression of it:… Continue

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Progress Day

May 25

Today was one of those magical days where you get something you've never gotten before and then go on to get a bunch of things you haven't gotten before. Multiple times. Even hellish conditioning seemed slightly less hellish than I remembered it.

It started at the med center wall... No I still haven't gotten it, but it was much easier to grab at the top or just an inch below it. Wall runs all of a sudden just make sense. I've more confidence to run faster towards them,… Continue

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i'm back in the game

it happens- people plateauing, but happily mine was short lived... like a week (maybe 2)! ok, maybe it was just a confidence thing that week that i didn't necessarily do anything better than i was doing. i even briefly lost my my dash. but i've got it back and i'm learning and perfecting (trying to) more and more things. eternal and perpetual thanks of course to kaos who taught me everything from the very beginning and enforced safety, consistency, and progression (this concept is sounding like… Continue

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So i've been getting alot of stuff i couldnt before. certain gaps or vaults are now here that i never thought i could do. Its been fun but ive had a higher ratio of near misses lately. clipping a foo…

So i've been getting alot of stuff i couldnt before. certain gaps or vaults are now here that i never thought i could do.

Its been fun but ive had a higher ratio of near misses lately. clipping a foot here or there. slipping a hand on a kong.

just a lot of trip ups lately as the bigger stuff comes.

Have you ever felt an injury coming? Like on vaults were for a split second you imagine some horrible outcome and twisted limbs. Eventually i'll slip. Laws of Probability say it could… Continue

Added by Ryan Fulmer on May 21, 2008 at 12:17am — 2 Comments

Yeah...I'm sore.

Kaos was right. I'm sore. Great idea to do the day before my finals. Owee.

I had a lot of fun though. I'll be at the beginner training jam the sunday after next or maybe sooner.


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Training around the house...

May 19

Pumped by Brian and Levi's performances on Ninja Warrior last night annnd still kind of stung by the fact I had to miss both the San Diego guys and the Orange County guys who came up for yesterday's UCLA session (I had family things), today was a conditioning day, despite the crazy heat. However, after breathing hard and soaking in sweat from less than an hour of work, I realized the pool was a much more appropriate training spot. I went through several of the strokes I… Continue

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Gym 2

May 15

Thursday. Gym day. This time was vaulting, so I was looking forward to it. In the order they were taught: Speeds, Kongs, uh, the vault where you kind of side kong and walk your hands over the obstacle, and Lazies. The side kong thing tripped me up cause I so rarely practice them. I’d like to change that now since 1) I should know how to do them and 2) I like how they look almost as much as diving kongs :P Maybe a little more so.

As usual after class was a lot more fun,… Continue

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The Importance Of BAparkour

Our name is a little deceiving. We are called Bay Area Parkour, but in reality we have the best representation of active practitioners in the city of San Francisco. We have an amazing group. We help each other, we look out for each others safety, and we train together...a lot!

Last weekend at the end of our session, we were roaming and jamming. I performed very technical and slightly dangerous cat leap. Dimitri, who is always eager and confident, gave it a try. He came up short being… Continue

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May 13

Monday I hopped in my car to drive down to Irvine to visit some poor saps I know still in class ;) Actually they're dear friends I’ve known since elementary school.

Monday night was about good food, music, and Speed Racer (never seen so many colors in one movie as I did in one millisecond of that movie), but Tuesday morning was full of lectures and things. One class on my Summer break was all I could take, so the rest of the day I opted for exploring the UCI campus and… Continue

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Parkour vs. turkeys

Time: Saturday, May 10, 2008

Place: Goethe Park, American River Parkway, just east of Sacramento

Terrain: Mature riparian forest, trees and large bushes scattered with open areas between, many fallen logs, topography generally flat but with a few small ravines.

Representing mankind: Me, my brother

Representing nature: Three wild turkeys

"I wonder if we could catch those things?"

"I dunno... Let's give it a shot."

The place was PERFECT for nature… Continue

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my first UCLA session of the summer

May 10

Went down to UCLA round 11:30am, there were LOADS of people. I took a head count of 22. King, Cliff, and Brian weren’t there though. I knew Brian was coming for sure (so he told me) so I watched out for him eagerly during med plaza warm up, but nope. I'd already seen Jo, King, Andrew, and Cliff since i'd been back, so he was the last one missing. Saw Shiloe though, whom I hadn’t seen since January :] He hadn’t progressed as much as I thought he would, he was still at about my level.… Continue

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first summer gym

May 8

Thursday. Gym day. I hadn’t been planning to go, but I had something I wanted to talk to Cliff about and he suggested I come to his class that night. I still had the old directions I’d written myself in my car, so I hopped in and drove over to Culver City.

“I’m sorry, but the class is full.” The lady behind the counter looked disappointed for me. “You’ll have to wait and see if the coach will let you in. He isn’t here yet, he should be in just a bit.”

“Don’t worry,” I… Continue

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