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wiki:A (Natural Method) session is composed of exercises belonging to the ten fundamental groups: walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrism (balancing), throwing, lifting, defending and swimming.

A training session consists, then, of exercises in an outdoor environment - a course of greater or lesser distance (a few hundred meters to several kilometers), during which, one walks, one runs, one jumps, one progresses quadrupedally, one climbs, one walks in unstable balance, one raises and one carries, one throws, one fights and one swims.

This course can be carried out in 2 ways:

1 - the natural or spontaneous way; i.e., on an unspecified route through the countryside.

2 - within an especially designed environment.

All of the exercises can be carried out while progressing through this environment.

Finally, the session can last from 20 to 60 minutes.

i know enough about grappling, greco/freestyle wrestling and stuff to do the fight/defending part with all of you (teach ya too) i even have a 30lbs to 60 lbs i dunno what he is heavy bag dummy that i might be able to drag out a couple times.

The first "Natural Method Conditioning Session" will be tonight for the last 20-30 min of the Sloat Elementary Practice, if we dont all puke.

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also the 24 fitness half a mile away has a pool. im a memeber. though i suck at swimming i figure it must be done.
oh, man, swimming can kick your butt if you're not used to it. First time I dropped into a pool as an adult after never really learning, I could barely do a length in the winter, but by the spring I finished a triathlon. Then I said I'm done with swimming. Good to be able to do, though, and it'll definitely improve fitness.
i wanna learn ur grapples :)
for half the summer, i'll be training in the wilderness. i havent gotten used to trees yet, so i'm going to start doing more parkour in parks!
Where did you train?
Hey why didn't we do this tonight? I am all for it.
First training session will be Thursday At Sloat. 630 pm.

This is more of a conditioning based session but technically parkour is part of the tenets so we will be drilling certain movements (climbups,Kong pushups, Dash dips, lazy dips)

I'll bring the dummy and we can do some basic self defense/grappling (standing only i dont want people going to the ground who dont belong there/know what to do) Just some basic tie ups, control points, and throws. Also a basic stance and how to move correctly whilst engaged.

so come on out. It will probably hurt friday. But it will only be as tough as you make it for yourself, so if you feel you need to lower the intensity, BY ALL MEANS DO SO. nobody likes having to walk around like a crackhead for a day or too. Gives you plenty of time to recover for the sunday pk session
Sloat at 6:30 on Thursday? I will try to be there. I'm feeling a little run down, so if I'm well, I'll show up.
Jimminey Crickets!!!! i cant do it at 630 anymore. i wanted to so we could have some light for roof stuff and the playground. I cant do it until 8pm. Everything is lit with lights and the school is set up for progression style training.

SO TIME CHANGE: Now at 8pm tomorrow night.
hah learning all this combative stuff could be a new branch of martial arts: parkour martial arts, the quickest way to bring the enemy from A (standing) to B (the ground) in the most efficient and flow-uous way : P
The Kong: place hands on enemy's shoulders and swiftly bring knees upward into facial area.
The Cat Leap: Utterly beastly leap to enemy's body, latching claws into flesh hahaha
...nothing new... Wolferine does all of that already.
Well, of course he's been trained in military close quarters combatives... he just can't really remember about it... =)
is anyone planning on coming? i never made it an "event" so....yeah

8pm tonight at sloat.


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