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Hi there, Just joined.

I've been watching videos of parkour online for a few months, more as a spectator sport than a "awesome, I want to jump off buildings too!" thing.

Problem is, I'm beginning to feel increasingly limited and feeble in my mundane habits -- always one foot on the pavement, never leaving the sidewalks, definitely never taking a path over a wall. It's no way to live.

So I started looking for things to climb over. Or jump off of.

And, oh, they are there alright... tempting me... it's just. I know I'll suck and I'm unable to muster the nerve to embarrass myself with clumsily attempts to climb or jump things in public.

So, I was thinking dark is a good idea. Late at night. Anyone else (especially women) use this tactic starting out?


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never..never!!! worry about how people will perceive you. just dont do anything disrespectful and you will be fine..

parkour is definitely something you should not be embarrassed about. And parkour is about overcoming obstacle, so just try to overcome the lack of self confidence!

no one was great starting parkour out. i lacked coordination, by friend lacked strength. but after a couple of months, people started looking at us with admiration and asked if they could join.

i guess it might be just a question of time.

i would also suggest contacting some folks here! im sure Jodie wouldn't mind training with you... and anyone else!

i would also recommend going out to one of the beginner trainings. there, you will never feel pressured, or embarrassed. i guarantee it!

Confidence is a necessity in parkour, all you need to do is believe. Obstacles are to be conquered! also, i dont think pking at night is a good idea, its harder to see the obstacles in front of you. i've actually hurt myself because i failed to see an object in the dark >.<

you just need to find other traceurs or traceuses that will help you train.
well when u do it in public, just remember you will probably NEVER see any of those people again. plus, the gym is good for this, also like the others said, try contacting some other traceurs/traceuces to train with, youll feel alot more comfortable.
I agree with all of the above, and also, training in the dark makes it harder to see and therefore increasing your chance of injury. Swallow your pride, it's a useless thing anyway.Would you rather have people look at you funny or break a bone?
Well, seeing as you're in Palo Alto... That means you're fairly close to the South Bayers and can come to our South Bay Saturdays for practice! We can help you with techniques, guide you step by step, and help you out with anything you need. /shameless advertising

Parkour is just as much about physical development as it is mental development, after all. Trust me, you can do it. However bad you are, you will start out better than I did.

...Actually, I still slip while walking and doing the most mundane, simple things. I just got a huge scrape across my side after deciding to walk down a minor slope. :(
training in public isn't always a bad thing. My orthodontist was walking her young child (2-3) around the school that i train at. a couple other people were biking. i started doing some basic warm-up parkour and my orthodontist started applauding lol. Also met some new friends (the bikers). Just train until u feel confident enough in yourself to do wherever! Have fun!
Hey, thanks for the input everyone.

I've been working on getting stronger in the gym. I figure I need to be able to do pull-ups before I'm strong enough to do much with real world obstacles. Also trying to remind my body how to do things I did as a kid -- jump, roll, handstands, etc. Crazy how long it's been since I attempted those things!

I'm out-of-town right now, but I'll try to make it to a Saturday practice soon...! Thanks!

P.S. I know parkour about a lot more than climbing and jumping off stuff. Just being a little glib ;)
I'd like to applaude you for starting your pk journey with straight up conditioning. Most don't have the self discipline or foresight to do that and just want to get right into "the fun stuff - jumping shit." good luck with all your training and see you soon i hope :)
btw as a woman i probably wouldn't train in places at night alone because... all those horror stories i get told of women getting jumped O.o (no pun intended)
Well in this case follow the motto "Only God can judge me." Have fun training!


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