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I noticed that we are all basically one big happy PK family...However, i also noticed that we only congratulate our fellow peers when we are in front of them in a session... i wanted to start a thread were we congratulate people for overcoming obstacles that were difficult for them, thus making each other stronger mentally and also making each other closer as friends... whether the obstacle may be a vault that was never done before or someones fear of heights not only torecognize peoples progression over time, but to record it or to have a written calender to show how we progress, and to see if anyone has a question on how to do a certain movement...

I, for one, will begin this thread and add to it every time i see someones progression... today I saw Jason "technique" progress to doing a palm spin, and learning how to progress himself into a more efficient kong... congrates Jason and keep going...

I know PK is not being viewed very well in the publics eye, but when they notice how friendly we are and how warming we can all be they will soon see the light and follow our paths to making oursleves and each other stronger... is anyone with me???

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You forgot to mention that your kongs are smoother, stronger, and more confident every day.

Jason's getting back into the swing of things and determined to refine his technique.

Giorgio's tic-tac to kong madness is looking pretty damn legitimate.

And our new guys: Danny's fearlessness and Rome's tenacity really impressed me. Cris and Keeler's dedication. And Jabril nailed the kong on his first night! Badassery all around.

I think it's also appropriate to give a shout out to Ryan for steering such a mixed group towards steady progression. How he can teach a class filled with both beginners and advanced students is beyond me.

You guys are heroes! Thanks for the energy and inspiration.
Deejay's double kong was looking legit on concrete today. And like the machine that she is, she drilled until I was too tired to watch anymore!
Good job today, Marc, getting that new wallrun at GWHS! (and especially giving us all a new challenge in this so resourceful spot).

Also, congrats to Marisa for getting there after another session elsewhere, specifically to work on kong-to-cats and working in continuing them into turn-vaults... you are VERY close!
Whoa, Marissa - you went to GWHS after the SFPK jam? WOW, you are completely amazing! I can't believe you did all of that immediately after getting back to SF from Tahoe this morning. You are wonderwoman!
Haha, I was only there for about 15 minutes. I am very tired now. XD
Today I saw finally some people showing an above average level of condition (training or 'genes' induced, I wouldn't know...) in Tim and Tom, running (not jogging) Capuchino Square for about 1+ minute at a time and throwing in between 6 and 10 very controlled vaults.
[I'm not saying that others are not conditioned, I'm saying that in this circumsatnce it was very visible...]

While this is not as impressive as some 'follow the leader' runs that other of BApk more experienced practitioners do at times (which require a high degree of pacing and adaptation to the unpredictable obstacle), both were expressing today a good sense of 'urgency', which is -I believe- an element that proper, a bit more advanced, PK should display. If not all the times, at least sometimes, as a training method.

Good job, I felt inspired!
Kudos to LISA on her amazingly solid and totally incredible 7:00 minute low-plank! Girl - you must have abs of steel with platinum reinforcements! Jason and I kept looking at each other and then at the clock in total disbelief . . .
Lisa, you're an inspiration to all of us!


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