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ob·ses'sion: something that preoccupies the mind excessively. might have happened to you: (a.) you go to bed and just before falling asleep a thought pops up "...that ledge is doable! You just gotta take it from this side, pace your stride, maybe double-zzzzzz...", or (b.) you walk to school/training/work every morning/day/week-end, you pass in front that one spot, and you know it: "I can do that!", or finally (c.) you just watched that video for the 1,037th time, and -after going back to 0:53 for the 7,894th time, where that guy/gal busted that split second impossible/original/inspiring 'move'- you feel it in your whole body: "I have it! I want to go out now -1:24AM- and do it!!!".

Well... think again.
You don't have it. You may be able to do it once without damage, and eventually improve it, IF you get over the obsession part of it, and instead start approaching it as you would any new technique... progressively.
Then again... sometimes you just won't "have it".

Bring on (and document!) your experiences... I'll start out.

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Problem: I drive in front of a spot every morning going to work... for almost a year now, I've been thinking "I have that!"...
Solution: I finally went there and measured it (with a measuring tape!)...

This is the way the place looks like from the car:

I think/thought, I could come from the back of the rail, dash-vault it, leap over the generator/tank/whatchamacallit and either keep running or even rolling out of it...

So I went to the back of the rail and I measured it:

...if I can dash that, it would mean that I can hurdle 1.5 meter hurdles. O_o

Then -for the sake of it- I went down and measured up 'my' landing:

...the height of the rail and the depth of the concrete base triangulate to a diagonal of 14'+, which adding momentum and gravity, make the drop probably un-absorbable on my legs... thus I would have a nice 12' area of concrete bricks surfacing from dirt to roll my way through... O_O

Conclusion: I don't have it... I have to turn-vault and drop.

Obsession cured!
I realized tonight that the Berkeley gym is the perfect place to practice this- the second floor is about 6' high, railing probably similar height (which I guess means it's a slightly lower rail on the approach side). Use some blocks to simulate the tank and you're set. No run up, though, two steps to clear the rail and generate enough pace to clear the tank.

BTW, I like that the tank is branded ConVault. It's an obstacle asking to be overcome.
Yeah... maybe...

But that's MY obsession! (was)
You are not supposed to get obsessed by it...
It's like continuing someone else's dream!

I showed you mine, you gotta show me yours!
Also: a picture is worth a thousand words...

i have 3 of those...
...tell us which ones!


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