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Ok, I want to make another pk related graphic and this time I'd like to get the community in on it.

I want to know what parkour means to you and I want to bring our ideas together in a concise, dynamic text based image. Sound good? Cool.

Finish the following sentence;

Parkour is...

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I'll go first.

Parkour is BApk.

parkour is parkour is parkour.

viva la resistance. :0
This relates:

Can't think straight right now, I'll come up with some tomorrow.

By the way... this made me sad:
Yeah i liked that vid. Very creative. :)
Parkour is for everybody

Parkour is fun, but it's not a game
THAT'S a classic!
Don't worry, Kirill and I have certain ways of MAKING it a crime ;)
Is that it?!

Come on guys, I know you got more than that. How is this supposed to be a collaborative project if there are no collaborators? This is just brainstorming here.

Parkour is...
good exercise?
a fad?
an excuse for property damage?
a good way to spend a saturday?
owned by the media?
how to get famous via youtube?
evading the police?

Lemme hear it. If you don't speak up, someone else will do it for you, yeah?
Parkour is speed
Parkour is safe.

Parkour is movement.

Parkour is efficiency.

Parkor is over/under/through/around.

Parkour is NOT what you make of it.

Parkour "R" Us!
"Parkour is NOT what you make of it."

Really? I feel like that statement goes against the whole idea of parkour by the individual, for the individual. The idea that parkour is different for everyone because everyone is different. Am I misreading that?


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