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Hey all -

I just moved to Berkeley last weekend and my friend and I are planning on checking out the local parkour fare tomorrow. If anyone wants to join us, let me know beforehand. I live on Berkeley Way in between MLK and Shattuck, so we'll just be wandering around looking for good spots in the nearby vicinity, probably largely at the University. I'm also going to have a look-see on the training spots list and probably try out a few of those as well.

But if anybody is up for a friendly fun jam tomorrow that's more just about having a good time and messing around than it is about training, go ahead and reply to this, message me, or call me at (nine too fiev) tree secks oh four towsand secks undreed and tirty tree. <--- Spam control. If you can't figure that out then you can just message me. :-)

The two of us have been parkouring for going on two years, although both of us haven't been able to get any done for the past two months or so. So... that's the sort of skill level stuff we'll be looking for but really we like to do anything, and we're happy to show newbies around.

We'll probably go around 1:00 tomorrow, but any time in that general area is fine.

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Replies to This Discussion's 4/19, but no worries it's corrected in the calender.
....most definitely!
Whoever is not training right now, is missing out...
Parkour fair? Sorry I'm missing it. I'm heading to SF from North Berkeley in the morning then going to GWHS Sunday session. Come to Cal on Thursday night, there's lots to do on campus.
Lol... yes, I was thinking of fair (aka: a gathering held at a specified time and place for the promotion of products or goods, usually intended to inform people or to benefit of a charity).
My mistake. :P
I'd totally be up for Thursday night, maybe I can get my friend to come as well. Sorry about the date being wrong. :-)

As for "parkour fare," that's what I meant - I didn't mean "parkour fair," which is what I think you thought I meant.

Checking out the local parkour fare is like checking out the local seafood fare... as in I'm sampling what the area has to offer.

I meant this definition of fare: "something offered to the public, for entertainment, enjoyment, consumption, etc."
Ah, I see now. Sorry about that, too much time on the internet has trained me to assume misspelling before alternative word choice. Anyway, you're in luck because Berkeley has a lot to offer, not just in physical space but also in traceurs. If you like general conditioning, there are folks doing that Monday, Wednesday and I think also Saturday. Thursday is the one of the main group movement sessions, but small pods train other nights also- best just to connect with folks in person because the majority don't check in on any online fora regularly.
I was thinking "why would Duper think of a fare?" (aka: toll)
Hey I'm working on a documentary on parkour and the philosophies of it. Would you be willing to do an interview and allow us to film some of your skills? The sooner the better.
Yeah, sure. Looks like messenger33 would be up for something on campus Thursday night, we could join you there. We'd be available around 8:00 or 9:00 that night.


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