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Inspiration from anything for everyone!!! (warning: videos...)

Every now and then, I find myself a little "short on my dough" and going to the Y-M-C-A doesn't help... (Village People, 1978)
That's when I turn to YouTube for something REALLY inspirational, and usually not-directly-parkour-related, yet parkour transferable...

I will post a couple of my favorites, asking you to do the same, if you wish (embed or link), but trying to avoid obvious repetitions, uninspired commercials and predictable vids.
Also, writing a line, a title, or the reason why you deem it inspirational is nice, as well as keeping comments brief and as direct replies to each individual post...
[This will also keep our video section free from non-pk clips...]

I'll start out...

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LOL, thanks Giorgio. Now that's JUMPING. Holy crap!
Certainly re-defined my notion of hurdles ;-) And, yes, the Swedes do love their track and field sports (extremely boring, if you ask me...)
Something I made to inspire myself last summer. Sorry if the music isn't exactly easy listening, I'm a metalhead kind of guy. But the video itself was great fun to make and it helped keep my focus on what I wanted and a lot of what I already had. Sorry if some of the content makes you go "WUH?" since this is only pertaining to my personal goals and aspirations. But I think you too should make one, just to share your dreams.

"Fear not at all, my focus shall not fail. I shall not fall, and nor shall I despair."

I'm not sure that this will inspire anybody, but it did inspire me... I saw the movie in '85 and danced (another style) from '87 to '89, until I decide it was not for me. But I still love it... :)

(and if you liked that, you may love this, which is a bit too serious for this thread... in execution and topic...)

oh wow. I started learning tap because of "Singing in the Rain", specifically this number:

More relevant to most people here though I think is this incredible display of physical comedy
Watch carefully Gene Kelly's alignment: it looks like the nose is glued to a stick coming from his C.o.G.
...and the power!!! 8|

But -and I'm sorry about it- for grace and style, there's only Fred:

(1946! cuts... ever! And 2:15 - 2:55 it's incredible!!!...) somebody commented: "when Astaire dances, it looks like the musicians are playing to his dancing".
That's simply amazing. I wonder how long he practiced for.

...mirrored here:

The "Don't Give Up" poem, a most inspiring little delicacy of life. Enjoy!

Not really parkour is it? I don't consider it, sorry if I posted in the wrong section.
...quite AMAZING skills, most definitely cross-polluted by gymnastic, acrobatics, potential stunt-work, nevertheless directly parkour related, applicable or inspired.

Hmmm... the jury is out on this one... lol!

I would have posted it in the regular video section and gotten lots crap there, because "THIS IS NOT PARKOUR, YOU -me- FOOL!"... LOL!
anybody have certain songs that hype them up for pK? i know i have a couple

Harder than you Think - Public Enemy
Start Somethin' - Cross Movement
Till I Collapse - Eminem

any time i hear these i really wanna go train lol


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