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Im Representing the BayArea in video contest!!!

hey everybody, all my friends here at BAPK, my video submission for the "practical parkour" contest is UP AND RUNNING! apparently im the only one in the contest from BAparkour, so please show BENNY some love and go watch me video!!! 3 days of effort went into in and it is quite AWESOME i might say so myself, please go watch and help me spread my video to all those you know, please, HELP me get most views so i can win some APK prizes!!!

im un-officially representing in this video!!

w00t! heres the link! Watch in HQ please!!

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Checking out the others you voted for them... lol!
It's screwed up...
haha yeah i know! so everybody, only watch mine plz!! lol
thx, tho i would be best( for me) if ppl would resist from watching the others, cause every view count!! lol
nah, its in el cerrito
Benny you really had a great concept and executed it well. i'm totally using some of those moves next time i'm pressed for the BART!
haha thx! took alot of tweeking to get just the right look i envisioned. make sure to buy a ticket beforehand! lol
Dude I sent the video to like 40 more people lol. Cause I really think you should win this, it's really the best out of all of them.
thx alot man! i just hope the ppl watching my video doesnt click the related videos section! lol its a wierd system.
No big deal, Benny, but: if you say that you are "Representing the BayArea" (true!), "the only one in the contest from BAparkour" (true!), and that you are "un-officially representing" (TRUE!), why don't you make it official and put in the YouTube description and/or tags the communities you belong and/or train with?

Or at least where you filmed it, and are sending your submission from...
ha i would like to, but the video is actually hosted on APK's youtube account, so i can't change the tags or discriptions, damn related videos tab is the devil!! lol


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