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An otherwise really nice event (the inauguration of the Denver parkour training center APEX) butchered by mainstream TV News...

NBC (wtf?!?)


and a little better, FOX(!):


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it sure is "tough to describe"...
Mainstream is what it is:\ would be nice to train in a facility like this..
Yikes, who would have thought that Fox would ever have better coverage than any other mainstream news. If there's any west coast jam coverage, let's do what we can to make it better than what NBC did here.

Training facility looks great, though.
Wait...what exactly did the news teams do wrong here?
im not sure either, but i feel like calling them douches... just a gut feeling...

man this apex thing feels kinda sad, they've taken parkour and put it inside a cage, and like a zoo tiger, it looses its ferocity and becomes a pathetic docile pet.
...I guess it's more about the anchormen, but let me give you a couple examples:

- everything is tough to describe, if one doesn't do his homework,
- "playing around"... "serious business"?
- "a certain kind of crowd" (boy kisses girls on check and get slapped)?
- 11 years old showing more sense than patronizing voice-over,
- again: "everybody needs to know it's the serious business" (kind-of... yeah-right...) "of playing around" (tongue-in-check-wink-wink-wink-we-mainstream-media-are-so-smart-we-know-what-is-serious-business);
- "and now some commercials! Eff real news and valuable information!!!",
...ok, they didn't actually say that last one but that's what I got.

"Helmets"?!? Inside a gym???
..."their mothers"??!!
Think about YOUR mother, maybe she should have put an helmet before...
EHM!... ok, I'm gonna stop here...
(Sorry I don't watch much TV.... got low tolerance...)

"Safety first"... we can agree on that.
"Think about YOUR mother, maybe she should have put on helmet before..." LOL
i didn't think she did that bad of a job compared to other coverage I've seen. But b2c is right, why cage the beast?
It's a loooong winter in Denver... don't forget that, beach boys.
I agree with Kaos. Actually, i thought parkour was portreyed pretty well in these too segments, i mean we might even get law enforcement off our asses in the near future. I love that one part in the NBC one, when that one guy got SMACKED LOL
...yeah, if we hide into gyms (and I'm in favor of gym training), wear helmets and carry along pads, we might as well be let alone by law enforcement.

Or maybe they'll simply understand that we are only 'playing a bit around'...


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