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Hello Traceuses, Traceurs

I have been catching myself procrastinating lately. IN fact, I am procrastinating right now. lol. That was pretty ironic. Does anyone combat this issue a lot? Do you peeps know some ways of how to get rid of this nasty habit? We all know that leaving things to the last sec is bad...But a lot of people still do it! I should probably try to exercise my power of will shouldn't I? Any good strategies on how to overcome this Obstacle?

Thanks to everyone for any input!

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The list of things I am avoiding by my current procrastination is too long to list, but at the top are editing photos from many shoots, responding to administrative duties of self-employment and, unfortunately, sleep. Yes, that's right, I'm killing time responding about procrastination so I don't have to go so sleep because ending the day means another day I didn't dig into the long list of to-dos I always have.

On the flip side, I also procrastinate by being very detail-oriented. Focusing on and being very exacting about subtle and perhaps unimportant details allows me to ignore the big picture while giving the impression that I really care about a task or that I'm actually working on it. Recognizing this tendency (along with the use of it as a weapon defending an insecure position of laziness) is important in staving off procrastination, but as with all these tendencies, the discipline to act is what is most important and often lacking.
I like your answer a lot. Some people say that "Better" is the worst enemy of "Good enough". But, I think that if you are detail oriented and while managing your time well, you will be able to defeat this problem. I think that the key here s to know enough is enough. How many of you had the feeling that when you close your eyes to sleep, you feel absolutely disgusted at how little work you have done? I have had that feeling. I didnt have it yesterday. Just by asking this question (The discussion), I gained will, used some discipline, and did a lot more than i expected to.

Slow Progression!
...and steady! Eventually...
Here here! (hear here!) The best advice I ever got from my dad was "You don't have to make the best desision. Just make a good one." I've been taking that one to heart, so I don't waste my time over thinking things.
Dude, look it up. Google is God.
Strategie: Don't think about it. Unless it is about how you are going to get off your but and do it right that second. The trick is to get into the habit of doing things right as you think of them. SO instead of telling yourself you *should* get off your butt, think about shifting your weight forward until you can feel your weight on your feet, then... you know... step by step.

I am procrastinating right now. But I think the trick is to never let yourself think "I need to blah, I should blah, why and I not blah. Go do blah, right now. Do it. You haven't done it!" etc. Because all the time that you are sitting there thinking about what you should do could be better employed doing it.

Speaking of which...
i personally have a huge problem with procrastination. im actually reading a book for my class, its called "the empowered student". theres are a part in there about procrastination. most of it comes from: low self esteeme, fear of failure, and low tolerance for frustration. the biggest reason ppl procrastinate is that there is that frustrating doing something you dont want to do, and you look for anything else to avoid doing the work.

when you catch yourself doing it, think about what your are avoiding and why, too difficult? too time consuming? too tedius?

dont try to force yourself to just do it in one sitting. if you really want to procrastiant the task, do it, but remember that you are still working on it, just taking a break, but dont take forever tho. do a decent part of it and take half an hour break and get bak to it. you will less likely feel frustrated and burned out.
Breaking it down, and approaching it in smaller steps should make any obstacle more overcome-able.


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