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Skip to 4:30. Not nearly as excited about Apple's latest product as I was to see the video "Jump San Francisco" as a YouTube demonstration on it. Nice to see people we train with getting exposure -- but at the same time there's commercialism. Thoughts??

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Oh, man, I totally dozed off and almost missed the YouTube part. Other than Technique, is anyone going to buy one of these glorified picture frames?

The video, well, kinda interesting, I thought the YT vid was neither here nor there regarding commercialism, it just happened to be what they clicked on. I'm kinda surprised it was posted as recently as it was- it seemed well below what I've seen from both of them before. Not too worried about this causing some boom in parkour interest, though- I imagine frequenters of endgagdet have had their fill of parkour videos by now.
At first glance, it may give the Amazon's "kindle" a run for it's money. But Amazon has access to millions of titles for cheap. It may end up being an expensive electronic book reader, useful on Bart commutes and car pools or another step in the direction of bigger plan to move to "cloud computing" and the end of desktop/laptops forever...too early to tell.... ;)
My first comment was my response to Seng's question. I just wanted to add that I thought it was pretty cool to see Andrey and Brian's video in this presentation. :) Thanks for posting..
Do you think it's a coincidence that the exact same video has been in BOTH of those apple product videos, each made by different people? Why does that video keep on showing up?!
...back to Seng's question: it looks like it would made the perfect tool for your next (or Technique's :) ), fund-raising, venture-promoting elevator pitch.
This is if your venture capitalist is more interested in glitz than in substance, which is a bit unlikely...

Also useful to quickly explain what parkour is while standing in line at starbucks.


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