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For the past year Kaos has been helping beginners in San Francisco with their parkour training. Anyone who wants some one on one help, or who might be a little intimidated by jams should come out and train. He is a pretty good teacher and practitioner, so chances are he can help you improve. We will not always be training at the same location so keep an eye on the events section for updates. Keep in mind, this is not a jam. This is focused training. If you tend to get bored of a location and like to constantly move on to new spots, this is probably not for you.

For those of you who don't know Kaos, his name is Chris Levesque. He has been training since August 2004, and in that time has been very active in parkour across the continent. He founded New England Parkour [and co-founded Parkour North America] at the start of 2006 then moved to SF at the start of 2007 and started a local gym class.

Oh, and its free in case anyone was wondering.

Check the events posts for this week session.

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[for the sake of openness and transparency, below you can find the integral text of the flier distributed at our recent training April, 20... for whoever didn't receive it in person]

WELCOME BACK to our regular SF Weekend Training for Beginners with Kaos!!

Thank you for being here! We appreciate your interest and your support, from the moment you started your training to the most recent events.

More or less a year ago, in San Francisco, Chris started something that had not been done in the Bay Area parkour environment before: he committed himself to train every weekend (pretty much w/o fail, and pro-bono) absolute beginners of any age, sex or experience in the discipline of parkour.
He didn't just show them moves, he didn't tell them to "go for it" (while some discovered, on their own, they had to do exactly that, at times...), he didn't set up a "me too" or "me better" atmosphere, instead he conveyed a system of learning based on observation, body knowledge and awareness, progressive approach ("baby steps"), and finally repetitions, where safety and challenging ones fears would go hand in hand with the goal of improving not only ones parkour technical skills and overall condition, but also fostering mental growth, social confidence, respect and down-to-earth-ness.

In this process he interacted with the existing pk community, facing all range of human emotions, from friendship and respect to disagreement and jealousy.

Now, after 75+ beginners came to him for advice and training (the majority of which sticking to it), after experimenting interactions with all the other pk related players in the region, the moment has come when this group of likeminded practitioners feel they need their own space.
A space, where "real life" meet-ups, practical knowledge and personal interactions are fostered; where anything that is not directly related to pk practice or growth is maybe fun, informative or entertaining, but ancillary to the scope, to the core goal of anybody participating: becoming better traceurs/traceuses, inside-out.

If you care and you share all this, or even if you just want to try it out, come help us build our own space at, an open environment for all traceuses and traceurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Now, please let’s train as usual and save half an hour before leaving for talks, thank you!

please be considerate when disposing the present flyer
As of today 9:00am the following notice has been posted on two related threads on the SFPK forum:

"Hello Everyone,
Several of us have gotten together on a new online space to organize the beginner jams along with other events. Since kaos no longer has a voice here on SFPK, we deemed it only fair to gather among friends to organize training sessions.
We are a great group of beginners & intermediates, who train regularly and focus on fundamentals. We get together 1-3 times every week and provide a fun safe and welcoming training atmosphere.
If you have attended the weekly Sunday beginner sessions in the past, or if you plan to in the future it may be interesting for you to check in here (link to
To avoid confusion this thread will no longer be updated with the latest weekly times and locations, so, if interested, please go there for updates.
Come train with us! See you soon.

A courtesy notice of this posting (including the integral text), sent to the forum administrators 12 hours ahead, has not raised complains or requests to avoid posting...


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