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Train Hard - Stay Humble

Not sure how many people are following the evolution of this game, but for those of you who are here are a few clips courtesy of

first up is a trailer with the training story for the games main character

Next up is a game play session at the world freerun championships.

Now the game looks awesome and apparently the play controll is pretty smooth, but a few things i noticed in the video that really didn't appeal to me. First up was the interspersing of the terms freerunning and parkour. while the difference may not be huge i think it is established that they are two different branches of the same basic discipline. Thus i feel that they should not simply be used freely without concern to their meanings. Second was the actual competition footage. Not since the X-Games have I seen such a brazen display of talent as a cry for attention. It saddened me to see these men who had obvious talents performing a rather impressive art, then stopping to call for applause. I may just be my own interpretation of the sport but I find that sort of showmanship sickening. Just my two cents. Other then that the game looks outstanding and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

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At 2:44 in the game play video: "At the end, it's just people who want to move, people who just enjoy moving, who enjoy movement..."

I'm a believer in the power of visualization, but oh man, the irony of this being a video game.
yeah that too, sort of like Wii fit, nothing like exercising and playing a video game at the same time. translates to, nothing like running around jumping from roof top to roof top while sitting on your couch
couldn't agree with you more. i find it interesting but pointless.... at least for me. i'd rather be out there DOING those things
kinda why i never understood sports games in general =\
well i get the point of sports games in general. some of us no matter how much we practice will never be in the NFL. Personally I love playing Madden because I get to see the 49ers win every now and then :)
you know what, this game could be really cool if it does focus on a crazy cool action storyline. something i couldn't just do myself in real life (without going to jail or being killed :D)
to "visualization/movement/gaming" topic:
Who doesn't believe we will soon see paintball type games, but with a full sensor armor and 3D visualizer?
I only hope they become mainstream until I'm actually able to run in an armor... =/

to "storyline":
...I always wanted to be a short, flimsy brunette girl leaping and fighting from building to building, w/no superpower whatsoever... so much cooler than being Supergirl!

Freerunning/X-Games talks continue here...
I wouldn't look down on the game too much. Being a gamer, I can't wait for this game to come out, because there's nothing like it out there. That being said, this is a high-profile game, and thus there may be a small surge in interest for parkour with the release of this game. So take it as international publicity.
Just played through the Mirror's Edge demo about 5 times, and I have to say, it's a pretty well made game. I can't say if it's accurate or not, but the sounds are very well done, IMO. The first person view is also pretty realistic. Either way, it's a fun game, and if the rest of the game is as good as the demo I'd say it's a must have.

One thing that kind of worries me is that people might get the wrong idea of parkour and start roof jumping, as that's a big part in the game. Hopefully common sense wins through in the end though. :\
i may buy, but i kind of rather do be real thing. which i am..... exept for the part of being an orphan, and wanted fugitive..
Hey, you can't practice at night, and/or if you get injured or are too sore. This is the next best thing. A pk game for the times you can't do pk...... :D


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