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I think we are in the midst of a parkour explosion in the BAY AREA! I think we are going to see some great people coming out of this area in the next few years!! So keep coming out to the sessions and watch the growth!

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On another note, did anyone note the parkour/freerunning/moonwalking on the premiere of the Simpsons last night?
OMG yeah, lol did not expect that....xD
...thanks Tyler, for your enthusiastic forecast!
I agree that Parkour following and general public perception, in the Bay Area has tremendously increased, and may be close to "snowballing"... a lot of this new growth happened thanks to the attention to beginners and the beginner's mentality that this group (BApk) promotes and has fostered even before having their own online community.

Others have been more focused on the "fun" approach, and in making Parkour visible to the Media and the general public... others instead have been concentrating on building and developing their own skills, or the one of their "crews" or "teams"...

I believe these are all valuable effort, and some more than others will contribute eventually in seeing great athletes coming out of this area...

"Great people" and their great community, instead, I honestly think we have it already...
yea!! more ppl come every time! i won't be surprised if soon parkour becomes a popular thing to train, justa few months ago a chinese newspaper showed a whole few pages on david belle, parkour, and some traceurs from china
if i remember correct, the translation for parkour meant um
"flying (dang forgot this character) , walking on walls"
another one was "run wall"
If I'm not mistaken, the following has been, and is, the parkour practice calendar (that I know of...) in the Bay Area from 10/8 to 10/20... and we are still counting:

10/8 PK Gym Lessons at AcroSports
10/9 Berkeley Weekly Training Session
10/10 Downtown Drones "Happy PK Hour" jam
10/11 sfpk Beginner "Class" in Embarcadero
10/12 BApk Training for Beginners 10/12 -South Bay!-
10/13 BApk Monday Conditioning, Fartleks
10/14 Tuesdays at 9am beginner training w/ANDREY
10/15 PK Gym Lessons at AcroSports
10/16 Berkeley Thursdays
10/17 Downtown Drones "Happy PK Hour" jam
10/18 -Sabba?!?-
10/19 3 Sessions!
BApk Training for Beginners 10/19
sfpk Monthly Jam
BApk Beginner's Parkour, South Bay (jam)
10/20 BApk Monday Conditioning, Track Work
That's 1 session a day ona 2 weeks period (w/o counting the Sacramento and the SJ folks...); Parkour is calling...
And the Bay is answering!!!
This is just another reason that I love living in the Bay Area. We, as a culture, rock.
Taylor had(has?) a shirt that says "Every day is a Parkour day"

good times


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