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So alot of you guys know im a last minute kinda guy most time. Here is where i'll post up the random training sessions or practices that come up last minute. Bored and want to train today? check this thread and go meet up.

A time, place, name and number seems to work best for this type of situation.

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Solo Training Today at Yuerba Buena. @ 11-12ish
Remember that Yerba Buena is off limits?!?!?!?!?!?!
Yes I remember. But I stayed in places where it's less crowded and more open. And I don't use the playground. And..well yeah people were invited...maybe I should of cut ou the solo But it was more like independant training...cause sometimes when I train with friends it feels undisciplined....
too cold. too wet. too sick
Going to be at Prospect High tomorrow at 3:30 till around 4:30 or 5. Check the latest South Bay Saturdays for location.

408.260.7345 (home phone, if you need to call for any reason, call before I leave)
...a lot of talking this week, but little training.
Is anybody up to today?

Pls. post or txt me (nine one 7 tree seven one 45 nine three).
Can pick up and will give ride within SF, if you txt within 5:00.

Then I'll go by myself, or with Steve and Chris... average age 35...
Like the Yamakasi...
To day is VERY nice. I'm up for any Jaming/Training today. PLEASE give me a call. DONT text me, because my phone is having some issuse with that feature at the moment..... My phone nunber is listed on my page.
Double overhead clean+spring break= Aero at beach
Call me up to join
...that sounds more like high swell advisory, than anything else.
What are you hiding at the beach, Aero?
Forgot to update the Berkeley session for tonight (Thurs, 9 April 2009). It's on, wet or not so wet, meet in front of Doe at 6pm as usual. Gimme a call if you can't find us. 415.314.0370
I want to train at USF today at 4-430
Join me (949)677-9507
I'm fine with either


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