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There's a poll about splitting up the beginners' training sessions which are currently on Sundays. The poll is near the bottom of the main page. So, I guess we can discuss it here.

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and if we do start a new jam shoulden't it be a few days from the sunday jam like maybe thu night after work hours. That way we wont be so sore!
...again: one of the goal of splitting the Sunday session is reducing the number of session participants, before it gets out of control, while leaving space for brand newcomers.

Also: some peeps can never make it Sunday, some can't make it at noon... the idea is also to give a second chance (still within the week-end) to those peeps.

But, OF COURSE, there will be more sessions during the week, as it has always been... lol...
We are more thinking of having a second semi-guaranteed training as the now "classic' one.
i definitely want there to be another session, on saturday. I'm not too sure i'll be able to make the one on sunday, but i can definitely go on saturday. I went last sunday, if anyone remembers me. I was one of the newcommers, and when we split went with Chris' group. When we all met back up i was the one who made the HUGE wall climb that you needed to tic-tac off the green wall to get too, and then had to bounce with Sin to get to the bart.

But ya, count me in if we're gonna have a saturday session.
here's what I'll say...

I think adding another session on sunday is a good idea. I love the sessions we have already, but I think splitting would be a good idea.

too many people, too much attention, too much getting kicked out.

too much experience, too much intimidation, not enough newbs practicing.

too many people cant make it to the jam we already have.

I remember one week a little while ago, chris was out of town, someone else led (ryan I think) and it still ran great. the jam will obviously still be in chris' spirit and mindset, but that doesn't mean he has to be there. (no disrespect, honest. I'm just saying. having chris there is still always great, dont get me wrong.)

so yea.
ya, i agree with the second session, but i think that it should be split into a SATURDAY session, not a sunday one, as some people have a hard time making the sunday sessions, like myself. =P

iono, i guess it could work either way, but i feel like if they were both on the same day, people would probably congregate to one of the times (i'm guessing later in the afternoon, as you can sleep in. =P ) or choose a group based on whos going, but if it's date dependant (saturday vs sunday) it more has to do with peoples schedules.

Just my 2cents.
I can only make it on sunday. Between work and medic school i have NO time except sunday. So whatever the decision, i can still only make sunday.
FINAL POLL RESULTS: after a week of voting we collected the following feedback

The question/answers being: "We had more than 20 people at the recent WE training sessions... by September it could get a little crowded.
Some disadvantages to larger groups are less concentrated/effective training and a much higher likelihood of getting kicked out of an area.
To avoid these problems, would you want to see the Sunday session split?..

A valuable comment was made stating: "if we split the training into two groups, in two different parts of the city, people will go with friends rater than spots, and you'll have a lot in one group and a little in another..."

Based on this outcoming, and the threads comments and concerns, we will formulate suggestions and proposals.
THANKS to all voters!


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